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Scallywags and the Wham Kabam Gran

Book 5
Grandparents Day can be a memorable time, filled with tea, biscuits and warm hugs. But as Mischief McScruff discovers, Grandparents Day at the School of Scallywags can be a little, err … Xtreme! Introducing Pirate Xtreme Wrestling, the school's most exciting new sport. When champion wrestler, Chomper O’Many, messes with Mischief’s dear old gran, the saltwater crocodile bites off more than he can chew (and Chomper can fit a lot into his mouth)! So put down your knitting needles and throw on your wrestling costumes, because the Wham KABAM Gran is in town! Bullies beware and Scallywags watch out when Grandparents Day becomes the showdown of the century. With four explosive endings to choose from, there’s an ending for everyone: * The Happy Sparkly Ending * The ARRR-rated Ending * Benny’s Gangster Rap Ending * Flick’s Comic Book Ending I rate this book five-out-of-five fluffy purple handbags. – Gran McScruff XXOO “She’s stronger than a grizzly bear. She’s not your average nan. With courage like a lion, she’s the Wham KABAM Gran!” “She’s tougher than a great white shark (of which I am a fan). She’s faster than a falcon. She’s the Wham KABAM Gran!” - Benny Banana Peel, The Sea Shanty Gangster Rapper
Cameron Stelzer is an Australian author and illustrator with a passion for creating exciting children’s books and fostering a love of reading, writing and creativity in young people. He is one of Australia’s favourite children’s authors with books that engage, inspire and excite children. Cameron’s books include the internationally award-winning Pie Rats series, the fun and zany Scallywags series, how-to-draw publications, and the Stroogle picture book series. Cameron’s books have won many awards including the American Fiction Awards (Juvenile Fiction), International Book Awards, IndieReader Discovery Awards, Book Excellence Awards and the National Indie Excellence Awards.
* Scallywags and the Wham Kabam Gran is the fifth instalment in the internationally award-winning Scallywags series (Top Shelf Indie Book Cover Award, American Fiction Awards - Juvenile Fiction, New York City Big Book Award - Children's Humour.) * As an Australian Author visiting schools, Cameron enjoys writing about topics that children find interesting. Grandparents Day at school is a topic that children relate to, combined with the excitement of wrestling. Children in primary school are going to read this book as it is fun, engaging and has unique characters which relate to larger pirate 'teams'. * The illustrations set this book apart. Throughout the book are over 100 detailed pencil illustrations with shading and rendering. Children are excited about the texture, and how this work brings the characters to life in a different way to books on the market. * Teacher resources are available. * This book took one year to create. * Inspiration for the book: * After completing his Doctorate of Visual Arts, Cameron began working at the Natural History Museum in London. It was here that Cameron began writing and illustrating stories inspired by the animals in the museum. He has been writing and illustrating stories featuring anthropomorphic characters ever since. Scallywags and the Wham Kabam Gran is set at a crazy school for pirates (who are also animals). * In 2020, the Author will be touring five states of Australia, visiting over 100 schools and working directly with over 30,000 children. * Requests made for titles to be added to the Premier's Reading Challenge lists throughout Australia as per Cameron's previous titles. * Application to five book awards within Australia and internationally. * Contact with over 4,000 consumers via email, letters and social media regarding Scallywags and the Wham Kabam Gran as a new title in the popular Scallywags series. * Contact with over 20 book review avenues, and 500 media avenues for book reviews and/or Author Interviews.

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