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“Not just a book about presentation skills (though if it helps you nail your next presentation that’s great), my aim with Lead the Room is that it equips you to leverage your platform to lead and mobilise your team and help you become a more effective leader.” Shane M. Hatton In the moments that matter, leadership matters. Our world is more globally connected than ever before, with easier access to information than at any point in history, yet in the important moments people aren’t just looking for something that can inform them, they are looking to someone who will lead them. The abundance of fascinating and practical information in Lead the Room is neatly presented in three parts, as the author talks you through what he calls his ‘three big obsessions’: * Positioning – Developing your character and your narrative, building your credibility and managing your reputation as a leader. * Messaging – Determining the value you offer, defining the message you want to convey and delivering your message with impact; and * Developing – Getting better at thinking, investing in yourself, asking for feedback and learning how to fail. Lead the Room is full of thought-provoking anecdotes and examples, that will inform and educate – and often make you smile. After reading this book the next time you stand up on your platform, whatever that may look like, you’ll see it as more than an opportunity to speak to the room; rather, you’ll see it as an opportunity to lead the room. Every moment matters. Use it as an opportunity to say something that truly counts.
Shane Hatton has spent his career in the business of people. From his early days in event management, recruiting and mobilising large volunteer teams for community events, he has navigated the challenges of leading at scale. Knowing how difficult it can be to get one on one with everyone, he has learned the value of leveraging a communication platform to build trust and rally people around a common vision. From more than a decade of consulting and in-house experience in marketing and communications he has learned the importance of effective messaging to not only be heard but remembered. Shane also spent seven years as a minister. During this time, he was leading and mobilising volunteers in one of Australia’s fastest growing churches and responsible for building and nurturing the health, growth and culture of a rapidly expanding campus. This experience at the intersection of people, communication and leadership, along with his studies in business and psychology, laid the foundation for his work today as a trainer, mentor and speaker to leaders and teams. A self-described ‘charismatic introvert’, Shane has learned how to face the fear of public speaking and embrace the potential of platform leadership. Melboure, Vic.
Introduction Moments that matter What kind of leader do you want to be? What’s stopping you? Don’t just speak. Lead. Part 1: Positioning 1. Develop your character Create health Staying humble Build better habits 2. Lead your narrative Get clear Be constructive Stay consistent 3. Build your credibility Capability Contribution Community Consistency Credibility 4. Manage your reputation Six key moments Speak beyond the room The danger of distance Part 2: Messaging 5. Determine the value Solve problems Answer questions Relieve tensions 6. Define your message Start with clarity End with simplicity 7. Deliver with impact The flight path structure Boarding Principle #1: the principle of attention Departing Principle #2: the principle of tension Flying Principle #3: the principle of perspective Landing Principle #4: the principle of resolution Disembarking Principle #5: the principle of action 8. A few more things to consider To connect, learn the language Four questions people ask every time you speak To slide or not to slide is not the question Timekeeping matters Part 3: Developing 9. Get better at thinking Recognise Reframe Refocus 10. Get better at investing Invest in your connections Invest your time wisely Invest in preparation and practice The preparation trap 11. Get better at asking Intentionally sought feedback Openly embraced feedback 12. Get better at failing Where to now? Appendix: A flight path example About the author
*Public speaking and giving presentations is one of the most common fears. * Practical and humorous advice to make speaking and presenting easier and more effective. * Communication skills are key to being an effective leader. * Three month publicity campaign to be run by QuikMark media, focusing on business and lifestyle media.

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