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Smashed Avocado and the Quarter-Life Crisis

A Millennial Survival Guide
Navigating through life can be a challenge. Factor in issues such as financial pressure, rising debt, housing unaffordability, job insecurity and mental health issues, life becomes even more difficult. Hello, Quarter Life Crisis. Categorised by anxiety and uncertainty, fuelled by common trends such as social media addictions, instant gratification syndrome, measuring self-worth by the number of Facebook ‘Likes’ received and only feeling accepted when Twitter followings grow, the quarter-life crisis has become the new norm. This has created a dilemma for millennials as they grapple with how to find themselves – outside their social media profiles and in the broader context of the world. This book is a fresh and contemporary perspective on the current issues facing the millennial generation. In contrast to other books on the market, this book is specifically written for millennials and covers a range of important issues, including ‘how to survive’ commentary. The book encourages the reader to challenge existing perspective and empower them by enhancing personal power and responsibility.
Jacqueline is an author, speaker and mentor with a passion for empowering organisations and people to understand the Millennial generation. Jacqueline has a professional background in policing, child protection, investigations and project management. Her professional experience has also led her into leadership and management roles. She holds qualifications in Psychology, Trauma, Social Sciences and Art Therapy. As a speaker, Jacqueline delivers customised, captivating, authentic and direct professional insights surrounding a variety of topics around Millennials and generational diversity in the workplace. Jacqueline has an extensive writing background. Her professional employment has afforded substantial experience in research, investigations, report and brief writing, peer review and editing. She has also completed relevant writing courses for Government. In 2014, Jacqueline completed a Magazine Writing course through the Australian Writer’s Centre. In 2015, Jacqueline completed a University thesis (10,000 words), examining best practice interviewing of alleged child sex abuse victims, where she received a distinction for this thesis. During this year, Jacqueline published her first article in An Alternative Voice, a bi-monthly Victorian (Australian) publication. This article, titled Harbouring Social Media: The Gen Y Dilemma explored the impacts of social media on spirituality for Millennials. In 2017, Jacqueline published her debut book, #WTF is happening with my life? A guide to getting your sh*t together. The book provides clear-cut guidance for women on how to shift perspective, become empowered and change their lives. To date, over 300 copies of the book have been sold. In September 2018, Jacqueline contributed to an article examining diversity across the U.K. Government. This article, titled Can the Government become the UK’s most inclusive employer by 2020?, examines the U.K. government’s progress towards achieving its inclusion goal. Jacqueline writes regular posts and articles for social media platforms, including her website, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Her book is currently available in bookstores in Australia and London and online via Amazon, Amazon Kindle and her website. Since the publication of her book, Jacqueline has been invited to speak at writer’s groups and bookstores on the topic of the book, writing and self-publishing. In 2018, Jacqueline presented keynotes on Millennials and generational diversity at events in Australia, London, Scotland and Italy.
Prologue. I’m Too Young to Be Having a Crisis. WTF?! Chapter 1. Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe: Handpicked for This Life as a Millennial Chapter 2 .Mum, Dad, Really? Where Was the Warning About the Real World? Chapter 3. WTF Happened with the World? Millennial Challenges Re-Defined Chapter 4. Pick Me! Pick Me! Instant Gratification Syndrome Exposed Chapter 5. Hi, I’m a Millennial and I’m a Stressaholic Chapter 6. No, I Don’t Love You Long Time: Redefining the Workplace Chapter 7. Can I Really Be Me? Breaking Free from the Chains of Society
* Up to 86% of millennials are affected by a Quarter Life Crisis. * Research indicates there is consistent and growing demand for self- help and transformational books. * While a niche market already exists for well-known authors in the field of transformation and self-help, these authors often do not pitch at the millennial audience, highlighting a gap in the market. * With 2.5 billion millennials in the world , this book has a huge target audience. * The author is a millennial and can speak with first-hand knowledge about the generation. * The subject matter of this book is hugely topical and of interest to a wide readership, both print and digital. * The author has credibility not just to write this book, but also to help promote and sell it, because she's done it before . * Ongoing social media marketing. * Overhaul of website. * PR and marketing support via NYC based agency. * Targeted ad campaigns via social media. * In person marketing.
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