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The Pram Years


Nothing worth doing is generally easy. This could also be known as: “Welcome to parenting”!

The Pram Years talks about the difficulties parents are likely to encounter while adjusting to parenting from conception to their childs first birthday. Neira Ott’s debut book goes beyond the light, fluffy and sweet parts of parenting. Everyone knows about the good stuff because it’s what you’re told from the second you announce the pregnancy – how your heart will swell when your child/ren laugh or look at you, how much fun you’ll have with them, how fulfilled you’ll be etc. But wait!

This book goes beyond that and discusses the nitty-gritty issues that can be uncomfortable to talk about, the stuff swept under the carpet. You are not crazy or abnormal or a bad parent because you feel it’s all too much some days and that you would rather just run away from this craziness that is now your (parenting) life. The Pram Years is a must-read for all new parents who want to retain some sanity between late-nights and boundlessly energetic kids.   

Neira Ott is a Clinical Psychologist and a first-time parent currently living in Melbourne, Australia. Her work as a psychologist, blogger and a writer is dedicated to helping others build psychological resilience, to better adjust to life’s challenges. She considers parenting to be one such challenge.

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