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One Life

How To Have The Life Of Your Dreams
We have one life. One chance to live fully, experience this journey and make a positive impact on the world. This is for the people who want it all. The full human experience. If you want a big life where you can break through the fear to let your light shine, this book is for you. If you want a passionate marriage, a close relationship with your children, a core group of ride-or-die friends, financial security, a business you love, freedom with your time and the feeling of fulfilling your life’s purpose, this book will show you how. Like some people find religion, Tina Tower first found personal development as a teenager and has been on a quest to live her best life ever since. In One Life, Tina will share with you: Why she had to leave home at 13 How she started, scaled and sold businesses How her National Franchise company turned from a dream into a nightmare Why she moved from a city to a farm for five years The importance of financial independence and how she became a millionaire before her 35th birthday. How to get past the guilt of living the life that YOU really want. The experience of travelling to 28 countries over nine months with her family. How your past doesn’t have to define your future. How to break through your fear and step into your potential. You only have one life. Will you really live it?
Tina Tower has captured attention with her raw and real approach to building business. Tina is not afraid to share her failures as well as her successes and is an example of what happens when you define what you want in life and go after it with all you’ve got. Like some people find religion, Tina found personal development which led her to go on to start investing in property at 18, starting her business at 20, getting married having 2 children, graduating from the University of Sydney and building and selling multiple businesses including a national franchise system before her 34th birthday, Tina knows how to leverage her skills and how to stick it out when faced with the stumbling blocks that we all run into on the road to success. Tina launched a toy store & tutoring centre in 2004, designed and licensed her own programs & curriculum as Begin Bright in 2008 and franchised her business in 2011. Building the network of Begin Bright centres up to more than 30, Begin Bright was acquired by an international education company in 2016. Tina has been celebrated in the Australian business community winning the Australian Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year in 2014 and being the 2017 Entrepreneur in Residence for Australia’s largest business women’s group, Business Chicks as well as being featured on Sky Business, The Huffington Post and The Financial Review. Tina took a year off in 2018 to travel the world, visiting 28 countries with her husband and two sons and found the love of online business! Being a true entrepreneur, she runs multiple businesses and coaches others to do the same as a High Performance Business Coach and with her online business programs, Scale Up & Laptop Life. Tina believes in business for good and supports charities that work towards the UN Global Sustainability Goals.
* Not just another motivational book. Tina Tower’s One Life is genuinely inspiring. * It will help inspire readers to take action - to start where they're at - no matter who you are or where you’ve come from - and create a plan for your ideal life and commit to working towards it. You can absolutely live the life you choose. * For every woman who has a dream and wants to live a life well-lived. * It’s a book for women who want it all - financial independence, big love, great friends, good health and work that’s important. * It will help inspire readers to take action - to start where they're at - no matter who you are or where you’ve come from. * It will help you create a plan for your ideal life and commit to working towards it. You can absolutely live the life you choose. * Encourages you to pause and question whether you’re living the life that you’ve always dreamed of. People can create and design the life they desire and do what sets their hearts on fire. * Flourish PR has been briefed to devise and implement an impactful, strategic public relations campaign to generate positive stories. The communications challenge is to create noise and thrust Tina Tower and the release of her new book into the limelight in the lead up to Christmas, summer holidays and New Year. * The goal is to achieve high quality media coverage to encourage book sales. The aim is to get high profile influencers to become advocates for Tina Tower and One Life including Zoe Foster Blake and achieve high quality publicity in TV shows such as Channel 10’s Have You Been Paying Attention and The Project. * Key campaign components include: traditional media, influencer engagement, book reviewers and a nationwide book tour to both capital and regional cities.
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