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Kingsley The Cross-Eyed Kookaburra

Kingsley is a kookaburra born cross-eyed. He wants to be like his parents and his brother gumnut. He tries and tries but he finds flying and catching his own food very difficult. With lots of practise Kingsley learns to fly and land and catch food even though he’s cross-eyed, in fact him being cross-eyed is his advantage against an eagle who is flying after his brother - Kingsley with saves the day with a circular swoop at top speed! Hooray! A gorgeous story about how being unique is a wonderful thing, that perseverance is key and believing in yourself to achieve your goals is important.
As a child, Dianne wrote poems and has continued to do so throughout her life, inspired by people and experiences. Several of her poems have also been acknowledged in poetry competitions and have been published. She was thrilled to be awarded 1st Prize in the 11th Kathleen Julia Bates Memorial Writing Competition with the poem “The Family Cat” in April 2014. Raising three children and working full-time. However, she turned a corner in 2000 when she gained my Diploma of Professional Children’s Writing. Since that time, she haven’t stopped writing
* Publishing and Media kit distribution to local and National Media. * Author-related events posted on Brolga website & social media. * Nation-wide release. * Well-known children’s author. * Author of the Rusty Rumble series. * Charming illustrations. * Perfect for ages 2+ * Age-appropriate lessons about practice and persverence.
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