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Sort Your Sh!t Out

A practical guide to help you survive and thrive when times are tough

It doesnt matter if you are a billionaire, famous, a CEO, unemployed, male or female, we all have our shit! It could have started with your parents, or the bullies you survived, but more than likely you created it from your insecurities or warped self-perceptions and it’s this shit that may be stopping you living your best life.  
Sort Your Shit Out is an irreverent self-help exploration into where your shit comes from and how you can take back control from a little guy called Bob who lives in your mind and influences your every thought and action. It will also help explain why a battle for emotional control between puppies and zombies would be a fair fight and how we all have our own superhero backstory.
The author uses his own experiences in helping companies transform through to rescuing himself from his own darkness using the Self-Help Improvement Toolkit (SHIT!):
1. Know your shit – this identifies where your shit comes from. 
2. Own your shit –we often blame everyone else for our unhappiness, here you’ll learn to own your shit. 
3. Deal with your shit – knowledge without action is useless, here you learn strategies to deal with it. 
4. Manage your shit - just like going to gym, you need to working at staying shit-fit. Everyone experiences life’s ups and downs, this focuses on what you can do to maintain a healthy mental balance while life happens.
This is not a psychology book, nor is it a “ra ra” feel good self-help book telling you to think positively and that only good things will happen. This is a no bullshit self-help book in the style of Mark Manson’s successful book The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck with an Australian self-deprecating twang. 

Gary Waldon is a transformational change specialist who has helped many organisations improve their productivity and profitability through his expertise. He has a diverse background which includes being a top¬less waiter, a lecturer, and advisor to CEOs. Starting his working life as a science maths high school teacher, he has done over 41 different jobs throughout his life and also earned two Masters degrees in business and finance along with his teaching qualifications.
His ‘give it a go’ approach to life has seen him featured on national television for his marketing campaigns and launch several start-ups. Throughout his life he has always felt like he didn’t belong and that he was never good enough. After many years of learning to sort his shit out he decided to capture the lessons he learned along the way, so he could help others through his debut book Sort Your Shit Out. Here’s a guy who really knows his shit! Gold Coast, Australia

* This is a book that’s needed with all the shit people are going through right now.
* Sort Your Sh!t Out is a no bullshit self-help book in the style of Mark Manson’s successful book The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck with an Australian self-deprecating twang.
* A simple, funny and practical approach to working through the shit that goes on in our head and holds us back from reaching our full potential.
* Helps you figure out who you are, who you could be and how to build the life you want.
* Helps take control of your inner demons and barriers using practical exercises and become the best version of themselves #bebetter
* It is written using everyday laidback language without the clinical, theoretical psychology and mental health jargon many of us can’t relate to.
* Sort Your Sh!t Out is an irreverent self-help exploration into where our shit comes from and how we can take back control.
* Sort Your Sh!t has changed the lives of male and female readers of all ages from 16 to 73. 
* National publicity campaign by Quikmark Media with extensive coverage across print, online, radio and TV media outlets

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