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50 Classic Classics

An Illustrated History of the Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic 1973-2023

50 years of the grand annual SprintCar classic – one of Australia’s motorsports most exciting events – run at the city of Warrnambool, Victoria, it attracts tens of thousands of race fans from all over the world to capture the atmosphere and racing that only SprintCar racing can produce.

t’s taken 50 years to get here, but finally the Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic has a book of its own.

Covering over 600 pages in a hard-bound format, and supporting close to 2500 images, stories, and items of memorabilia, this lavishly illustrated tome of Australia’s greatest oval track race, is a once in a lifetime opportunity to secure a publication that will be seen as the shop window of sprintcar racing, and speedway racing in Australia, if not the world.

Authored by Warrnambool-based journalist and photographer Geoff Rounds, and edited and published by Full Throttle Publishing’s Tony Loxley, this publication covering Premier Speedway’s golden event – in 2023 the 50th running of this race – will set a precedent in motor sport publishing.

The images have been sourced from the finest photographers in the country, and the lay-outs present a kaleidoscope of action from the running of the Australian Modified Sprintcar Championship in 1972, to the first Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic held in 1973, and beyond. All the greatest sprintcar drivers are covered in breathtaking imagery, so too the US stars who have completed against Australia’s best.

Geoff Rounds is a longtime writer and photojournalist who has covered motorsport – and speedway racing in particular – for over 35 years.
Tony Loxley – publisher and co-author, has been photographing, writing and publishing for over four decades.

*Stunning images in high resolution.
* Lavish layouts with all the highs and lows that is speedway racing.
* A kaleidoscope of action and colour.
* Venom Media

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