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Teen Talk - Guy Talk (Updated Edition)


Navigating adolescence as a young guy can be challenging. Its common to feel isolated in your experiences, thinking no one else can relate. But fear not, help is readily available! This book is your trusted companion, offering invaluable advice and guidance to assist you in confidently navigating through these transformative teen years.

Sharon Witt has been a secondary educator for three decades and is a highly sought-after media commentator on issues impacting young people, parenting and educational issues. She writes for a number of publications and is regularly interviewed for print media, morning television and radio. Sharon is a best-selling author of 18 books written for young people to help guide them through many of the issues they face in early years, including the best-selling Girlwise and Wiseguys series, Teen Talk, and Starting Secondary School (co-written with Dr Michael Carr-Gregg)

In this book you’ll discover:
* Physical changes during puberty,
* All about pregnancy and birth,
* How to develop and maintain a positive body image,
* How to take care of your body,
* Coping with a range of emotions during your adolescent years,
* Choosing your influences,
* Managing bullying.
Marketing and publicity will begin for this title in the last week of November and first two weeks of Deecember, 2023. Currently creating Media Release and will be conducting numerous National radio interviews to promote the book, as well as appearing on Sunrise, Channel 7 (TBC in early December)

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