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Rags to Rugs

30 New Weaving Designs for Repurposed Fabrics
Tom Knisely is back with 30 brand-new designs for his favorite type of weaving project: rag rugs! Weaving with strips of cloth creates a sturdy, hard-wearing piece that can be enjoyed on your floor every day for years to come. When made with repurposed cloth from items you otherwise have no use for, these rugs are also an excellent way to keep fabrics from ending up in a landfill (or even just taking up space in a closet). In Rags to Rugs, Tom explores the weaving possibilities of a variety of fabrics, from T-shirts and jeans to quilts, linens, towels, and more. He shows you the techniques he uses to get the most from each piece, and gives advice on how best to set up your loom for weaving with rags much thicker than your typical weaving thread. Ready to get started? First, look at Tom's 30 beautiful rugs and read through each project for the wealth of information he's included on the materials used and options you might try to create a similar rug. He shares exactly what he chose for each project, but the drafts are adaptable to what you have on hand or can source from friends, family, and thrift stores. Once you've gathered and prepared your materials, refer to the section on rug weaving basics for a refresher if needed and some very helpful tips, and you are on your way! !
Tom Knisely teaches at the Red Stone Glen Fiber Arts Center in York Haven, Pennsylvania. He has taught weaving for more than 30 years--everything from beginners' classes to complex multi-harness weaving--and was named Teacher of the Year by Handwoven magazine. He is the author of the popular Weaving Rag Rugs, Huck Lace Weaving with Color and Weave Effects, Handwoven Table Linens, and Handwoven Baby Blankets.
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