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    Australian ETF Guide

    How to invest more chaply, simply and effectively using exchange tradedfunds

    ETFs trade on the ASX just like shares and are taking Australia’s investment market by storm.
    In this book, you will learn how ETFs allow you to gain cheap, easy and highly diversified investment exposure to either Australian shares, international shares, bonds, commodities or even foreign currencies – just as easily as buying company shares on the ASX using your share trading account.
    Due to their low cost, transparency, and ease of use, ETFs are already improving the investment strategies of over 200,000 Australian investors, including many self-managed super funds (SMSFs).
    Discover, in 4-easy steps, how millions across the globe and many Australian investors are already using ETFs to reduce the cost and complexity of their investment process.

    David Bassanese is one of Australia’s leading economic and financial market analysts. He is Chief Economist of BetaShares in Sydeny, one of Australia’s leading managers of exchange traded funds. David is a former senior financial columnist of The Australia Financial Review newspaper, and interest rate strategist with Macquarie Bank. He is also a former Federal Treasury and OECD economist, and a graduate of Adelaide and Harvard University.

    1) Personal investment book for the large and expanding self-managed super fund market. 2) Written by well-know finance expert David Bassanese. 3) Covering a new and fast growing segment of the funds management industry.

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