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    Why Purpose Matters

    and how it can transform your organisation
    Each of us has a desperate yearning for meaning and purpose but very few of us find it or are able to live it out in the organisations we work for. This book explains the process organisations go through to discover their purpose and then through an authentic and sustained leadership commitment embed it into their culture and make it their new way of organisational life. Ultimately, this book is about transformation that shapes a whole new organisational identity from the inside out and adds new focus and energy to employee endeavours. Nine CEOs have shared in this book how purpose has, or is expected to, transform their organisation, motivate employees, build sustainable competitive advantage and deliver greater organisational capacity and shareholder return over the long term.
    Nicholas Barnett: Nicholas is passionate about helping individuals, teams and organisations reach their full potential. He is chief executive officer of Insync, chairman of Ansvar Insurance and a director of Mission Australia. A former KPMG partner, Nicholas has been a director, business leader and consultant for over 35 years. He is a founder of Board Benchmarking and GenderWorx. Nicholas has also written GPS for your Organisation: how to energise your employees and build sustainable high performance and The 7 Business Habits That Drive High Performance. Rodney Howard: Rodney has been coaching people to lead fulfilling lives throughout his professional life. After practising medicine for a decade he focused his work on the capability for people and groups to have meaningful and constructive conversations. For the last twenty years he has worked on leadership transformation and organisational development throughout the Asia-Pacific region as a consultant, facilitator and coach.
    (1) Written by the author of the highly successful , '7 Business Habits That Drive High Performance' (2) Draws on examples from sporting. Non-profit as well as listed companies (3) Current, thought-leading Australian content for Australia's leaders of today and tomorrow.
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