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    Brand Hustle

    How Impatient Organisations Build Profitable Brands, Fast.

    How do impatient organisations build profitable brands, fast? The business world is obsessed with short-term results. Efficiency and cost-saving drives decision making. Marketers must do more with less. Yet marketing principles require patience and long-term strategies to see effect. As a result our brands are suffering. What to do? It’s time to reinvent marketing. To challenge what we have come to accept as the norm and to remember that a brand’s value relies on our ability to hustle better than the next; to solve a customer’s problem better, to be faster to mind and faster to hand. You will learn the four key foundations for growth: 1. Find your consumers’ most valuable PROBLEM 2. Design a clear SOLUTION that delivers results 3. Embed MEMORIES that last a lifetime 4. Sell EXPERIENCES that drive future profit and growth. This book is not a guide for the feint-hearted. It’s for brave brand custodians, leaders, founders, CMOs and CEOs alike. It includes the good, bad and ugly of brand-building experience from MARS® and SCHWEPPES®, to FOUR PILLARS® gin, OAKLEY® and the HOLDEN COMMODORE®. Don’t wait until you drown. Get laser focused, build the foundations and apply force, with hustle.

    Troy McKinna is a brand crusader, a problem solver and an entrepreneur fighting for the future of brands. He believes that brands not only connect products and services with consumers, but also act as a defendable growth strategy for organisations and start-ups alike. He has proven this time and time again growing some of Australia’s, and the world’s, most recognisable brands, including MARS®, SNICKERS® , SCHWEPPES®, GATORADE® and COOL RIDGE®. As an independent thinker, Troy finds opportunities where others haven’t. Once found, he thrives on challenging the status quo to commercialise the idea, and ultimately lead growth. This approach has consistently delivered results throughout his corporate career at blue chip companies, MARS®, SCHWEPPES®, Nestle and Nielsen. Now as co-founder of Agents of Spring, Troy helps organisations curiously seek out and creatively solve their customers’ most valuable problems. It is only by doing this that a brand can satisfy its customers, strengthen its P&L, beat the competition, attract the best talent and drive growth. Troy loves nothing more than ‘cracking the code’ that will inspire a brand’s growth. He practices what he preaches and is not afraid to back his ideas, applying his entrepreneurial flair in a range of start-ups. Everything you are about to read in this book, is a result of his knowledge, experiences and career, as well as his own personal journey as co-founder of Quest Beverages, building the brand Calm & Stormy from the bottom up (which you will read about within). Melbourne, Victoria.

    Contents About the author Acknowledgements Introduction PART 1 – FOCUSED Chapter 1 – Marketing AMBIGUITY: WTF is marketing? Chapter 2 – Marketing SCIENCE: Structure of consumer behaviour Chapter 3 – Marketing VALUE: Thrive at the top of the brand scorecard PART 2 – FOUNDATIONS Chapter 4 – Find PROBLEMS: Escape the office to meet your customers in the wild Chapter 5 – Design SOLUTIONS: Avoid the pizza with the lot Chapter 6 – Sell EXPERIENCES: Curate memorable moments Chapter 7 – Embed MEMORIES: Master Jedi mind tricks PART 3 – FORCE Chapter 8 – Develop LEADERSHIP: Trade, sacrifice and speed Chapter 9 – Put into PRACTICE: Learn from the Calm & Stormy case study Conclusion Connect with me Sources

    * Written by an experienced marketer that has grown some of Australias most iconic brands; Mars, Snickers, Schweppes and Gatorade. * Full of behind the scenes case studies from first hand experience, as well as interviews with some of Australias leading marketers (Holden Commodore, Oakley, Four Pillars Gin, Maltesers). * Contains the latest in marketing science to support the approach, combined with well known examples that have applied the science. * A practical, four step guide to building and growing brands, complete with easy to use templates. * The book is written for anyone that runs a brand or a business and wants to build a competitive advantage and grow their business, fast.  The author will enthusiastically support all stockists via social media and any appearances and support she can provide; The author has engaged an ex-Wiley Book Publicist (Scott Eathorne) to help promote the book and conduct media interviews as well as write articles in high profile mediums e.g. Australian Financial Review newspaper, Huffington Post, Qantas Radio

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