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Time to Think

The Things that stop us and how to deal with them

Being a leader is a wonderful privilege but can also come with challenges we dont always feel prepared for. How often do we tie ourselves in knots wondering about the right way to deal with a difficult situation at work? Or wondering why no one ever told us how to manage some of the challenges? This book is for people who need practical ways of tackling the tricky issues in leadership to move forward courageously. From people pleasing to crucial conversations, we look at ten areas that can cause us to be stuck and how we can get ourselves free. Dip into this book when you need some support to inspire, motivate, and equip you in whatever stage of leadership youre at so that you can lead more confidently and freely, and be your best more of the time.

Rachel Johnson is the CEO of PiXL, a school leadership network that supports and equips school leaders to improve life chances and outcomes for young people. She is the host of two popular podcasts: the bite sized reflections of PiXL Pearls; and The PiXL Leadership Bookclub, where two school leaders discuss a non-educational leadership book and the lessons theyve implemented as a result. She also leads the School of PiXL Leadership, a series of courses designed to equip school leaders at all levels of leadership.

This collection of achievable, inspiring, and practical strategies will enable you to be an assertive leader with a heightened self-awareness. Rachel reminds us of the values of setting manageable boundaries, listening intently, and preparing for those crucial conversations, that we will encounter in our new role within leadership. If you wish to reflect on a series of thought-provoking questions, designed to help you establish what type of leader you wish to be, then make sure this book is on your required reading list. -Becky Ling, Head of English

This is a brilliant read that as a senior leader in schools for over 25 years I recommend to any team and any leader. It is written in a way that constantly made me smile, as I thought wow, this is my life! The issues addressed are exactly what we are struggling with, and the excellent practical strategies will help us to reflect on our leadership. Packed with quality research, each section concludes with Head Space helping to reflect on what we can actually do to make improvements. This will definitely help our leadership in schools. -Mick Dalton, Deputy Head

I read this book and found that I had two responses playing around in my mind. The first one was one that will be common to many; wishing I had had this when I became a Head of Faculty as an inexperienced twenty-something, and then again when I moved into senior leadership. It articulates so clearly the desire that I had to be an outstanding leader. It would have saved so many miss-steps, and would also have confirmed when I was doing things well too!

Running parallel to these thoughts was the fact that I am now a member of Rachels team. At one point she asks, is this their reality of you?. It is. Nothing in this book feels unfamiliar or new, it is absolutely my lived experience of being part of the PiXL team and of having Rachel as my CEO. What you read in this book - the practical approaches, the questions that are asked, the thinking - underpins everything that we do and how we work together.

-Mary Bibby, Regional Leader, PiXL (Post 16)

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