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Teaching One-Pagers

Evidence-informed summaries for busy educational professionals

Ask any teacher and they would say workload is one of the biggest blockers to their professional development. Simply put, most teachers are time-poor and too busy to engage with educational research to improve their classroom instruction. One-pagers are ultra-concise, A4-sized summaries that share important ideas about good teaching. In this practical volume, Jamie Clark presents more than 55 evidence-informed one-pagers that help educators reflect on their practice, build pedagogical knowledge, and prompt professional conversations with colleagues.

Jamie Clark is the Team Leader of Learning and Innovation at a K-12 school in Perth, Western Australia. Originally from Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, Jamie taught English in the UK for six years before immigrating to Australia with his family. Jamie is also a lead practitioner specialising in pedagogy and digital learning. He regularly provides professional learning workshops for educators and leaders and has spoken at various educational conferences around the Asia Pacific region. Jamies passion is instructional coaching and driving good practice through research-based, high-impact strategies. When he isnt working, Jamie enjoys being outdoors, playing football and spending time with his family and friends.

More and more teachers around the world are taking the time and expending the effort to truly develop their own expertise in teaching. Jamie Clark has done this excellently in this book, and his clear and powerful illustrations are the icing on the cake of his wonderful work. I commend Jamie on Teaching One-Pagers without reservation and encourage more teachers to make teaching their own and truly master the profession through reviewing wonderful resources like this one. -Ollie Lovell, teacher and author

Without question, Jamie Clark is one of the very best creators of one-page summaries that deliver on all fronts. His one-pagers are stylish, clear and visually engaging; they are well researched and well written and, as a whole, the collection represents a brilliant summary of the most useful ideas for teachers to discuss and focus on. Teaching One-Pagers is a unique book that deserves a wide audience and Im confident that teachers in every setting will love it. -Tom Sherrington, Teaching WalkThrus co-founder

Teachers are busy people, so every resource that gets to the big picture quickly is of high value. These 50+ summaries are evidence-based, beautifully presented, and linked to the original works. Jamie Clark has made a major contribution, and this book is a great go-to resource for finding the latest, fastest, and best information. -John Hattie, Laureate Professor Emeritus, The University of Melbourne

Teaching One-Pagers would have been so helpful to me earlier in my career; it was all pretty hit and miss! These summaries of what we currently understand as the most important and efficient ways to improve outcomes will act both as an aide-memoire for those who have already delved into these fields and a gateway for those who are new to this work. Its hard to distil this information and to capture the kernels. A great boon for the profession. -Mary Myatt, education writer and speaker

This is a terrific book! A great addition to any PD library. Jamie has included an impressive amount, in terms of the content, and has done so with concise, clear and incredibly helpful explanations. Teaching One-Pagers can be used to support individual teachers improvement and reflection, or as part of professional dialogue amongst a department, or even to help ensure consistency across a whole school. An insightful, informative and interesting read. -Kate Jones, author and teacher

Jamies Teaching One-Pagers serves up tasty tapas of current thinking, expertly blending an insightful array of evidence-informed ideas with a visually scrumptious presentation, perfect for tantalising that educational appetite. -Peps Mccrea, teacher educator, author and designer

Teaching One-Pagers is an incredible idea. It is a great answer to the tricky question of how do you best help information-hungry but time-poor teachers access the latest and greatest ideas on teaching? What Jamie does is quite special, as not only does he highlight key concepts, but also where people can go next to find out more. The graphics in this book are gorgeous. The content is evidence-based and the strategies are insightful. I cant recommend this book enough! -Bradley Busch, chartered psychology and director of InnerDrive

One-Pagers is our route into the research. Jamie has done an excellent job of creating a really simple and satisfying way to get a sense of a topic, which we can use as a springboard for discussion and to dig deeper. By organising the book into three strands, its easy to navigate and utilise to build our understanding of key ideas. Ive enjoyed these one-pages for a long time and its great to have them all in one place! -Sarah Cottinghatt, teacher educator and author

This book is a game changer for anyone who wants to quickly improve their knowledge of evidence-informed practice, or for any early career teachers. Jamie succinctly distils complex ideas into one-page summaries that are easy to understand and digest. One-pagers are ideal for sharing with teachers across your school, for use in staff CPD, and as discussion prompts in staff meetings. This book makes essential reading for all teachers and is extremely beneficial to T&L or CPD leads. -Jade Pearce, author and director of professional development

Teaching One-Pagers is a great tool for anyone looking to learn and reflect on their teaching skills in a short amount of time. The way Jamie takes different ideas and approaches and visually captures what it is and how you can apply it is brilliant. This is a great book for any teacher wanting access to evidence-based practices at the ready. -Jim Knight, author and research associate

Education is undoubtedly brilliant, but for busy teachers there can be a dizzying array of advice, theory, strategies and research to digest. Clarks one-pagers offer a cleverly distilled and easily digestible approach to a superb array of principles and practices drawn from edu-research. The book is easy to read and use and offers a great starting point for time-poor teachers seeking to engage with reflective reading on improving their craft. -Alex Quigley, author and consultant

Teachers have never had better access to educational research, but the sheer volume that is now available is overwhelming and this is why Jamie Clarks Teaching One-Pagers is such a wonderful resource. It presents the key findings on a wide range of topics accurately, without oversimplifying, in a well-signposted and easily accessible form. Put simply, if you teach, you need this. -Dylan Wiliam, Emeritus Professor of Educational Assessment, UCL Institute of Education


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