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Courageous Well-Being for Nurses

Strategies for Renewal
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Provides nurses with the tools, practices, and strategies to enhance their well-being and protect against burnout. Exhausting schedules and a tumultuous work environment have left many nurses feeling burned out. The COVID-19 pandemic only compounded problems that have been plaguing nurses for decades. How can you take care of others when you don't have the time or energy to take care of yourself? In Courageous Well-Being for Nurses, psychotherapist Donna Gaffney and wellness coach Nicole Foster provide essential strategies and resources. Learn about the research underpinning the science of well-being and discover practices that can reduce stress, rejuvenate your capacity for caring, and improve the quality of your own life. Informed by inspirational stories and real-life guidance from nurses around the world, this book provides you with the steps to thrive personally and professionally. Gaffney and Foster research and describe * How to cope with stress, burnout, grief, and empathic distress * The power of self-compassion and mindfulness * Current findings on eating, sleeping, and exercising well * Science-based practices for alleviating stress through nature * The benefits of professional mental health support * The profoundly healing effects of advocacy and activism * How to use the arts and creativity as sources of respite and joy Hundreds of suggested resources, including recommended books, websites, podcasts, videos, and webinars, round out this essential guide. Courageous Well-Being for Nurses is the ultimate journey to well-being: one that is essential, inclusive, deep-rooted, individual, and above all, courageous.
Donna A. Gaffney (PACIFIC PALISADES, CA) is a psychotherapist and educator. In 2021, she was awarded the American Psychiatric Nurses Association Award for Excellence in Practice. She is the author of The Seasons of Grief: Helping Children Grow Through Loss. Nicole C. Foster (MONMOUTH BEACH, NJ) is a board-certified health and wellness coach at Lief Therapeutics-The Wearable for Mental Health. Her personal essays have been published in New York magazine's The Cut and Maria Shriver's Sunday Paper.
Foreword by Anne Hofmeyer, RN PhD Foreword by Susan Salmond, RN, EdD, ANEF, FAAN Preface Prologue Introduction 1. Becoming Self-Compassionate 2. Managing Stress 3. Exploring Mindfulness and Meditation 4. Sleeping Well 5. Nourishing Well 6. Implementing Daily Movement and Exercise 7. Embracing Nature and the Outdoors 8. Finding Sanctuary in Words, Images, and Sounds 9. Seeking Empowerment Through Advocacy and Activism 10. Navigating the Challenges of the Healthcare Landscape 11. Continuing the Journey of Transformation and Healing Afterword Acknowledgments Appendix Index
Provides nurses with the tools, practices, and strategies to enhance their well-being and protect against burnout.
I would recommend this book to all my nursing colleagues and students. I always emphasize how important it is to take care of your own well-being when you are caring for others. This book has a wealth of resources, practices, and suggestions all in one place that can really aid student nurses to build a practice before they even fully enter the profession. -Elmarie Botha, DNP, RN
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