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Principles and Practice of Sex Therapy 6/e

  • ISBN-13: 9781462543397
  • Author: Hall, Kathryn S.K. ; Binik, Yitzchak M.
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  • Local release date: 01/11/2020
  • Format: Hardback (235.00mm X 156.00mm) 536 pages Weight: 900g
  • Categories: Sexual abuse & harassment [JFFE2]Psychology [JM]Psychotherapy [MMJT]
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This widely used clinical reference and text--now significantly updated with 75% new material reflecting therapeutic advances, diagnostic changes, and increased coverage of sexual minority groups--comprehensively addresses sexual problems and their treatment. Prominent contributors interweave theory, research, and clinical considerations. Detailed case examples illustrate the process of assessment and intervention with individuals and couples across the lifespan, with attention to gender-related, cultural, and health concerns. The volume features an integrative introduction and conclusion, plus an instructive editorial commentary at the beginning of each chapter. New to This Edition *Many new authors and extensively revised chapters. *Coverage of advances in sexual medicine, ICD-11 diagnostic changes, and other timely topics. *Chapters on sexual aversion, female sexual arousal disorder, out-of-control sexual behavior, and BDSM. *Chapters on the transition to parenthood and the treatment of sexual concerns in adult transgender clients. *Chapters on additional medical issues: cancer and spinal cord injury.
Introduction, Yitzchak M. Binik & Kathryn S. K. Hall I. Sex Therapy for Sexual Dysfunction 1. Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder in Women, Lori Brotto & Julia Velten 2. Female Sexual Arousal Disorder, Cindy M. Meston, Amelia M. Stanton, & Stanley E. Althof 3. Low Sexual Desire in Men, Pedro Nobre, Joana Carvalho, & Kristen Mark 4. An Integrative Biopsychosocial Approach to the Conceptualization and Treatment of Erectile Disorder, Dennis Kalogeropoulos & Julie Larouche 5. Orgasm Problems in Women, Laurie B. Mintz & Juliana Guitelman 6. Treatment of Premature Ejaculation: Psychotherapy, Pharmacotherapy, and Combined Therapy, Stanley E. Althof 7. Delayed Ejaculation, Michael A. Perelman 8. Genital Pain in Women and Men, Sophie Bergeron, Natalie O. Rosen, Caroline F. Pukall, & Serena Corsini-Munt 9. Lifelong Inability to Experience Intercourse (Vaginismus), Moniek M. ter Kuile & Elke D. Reissing 10. Sexual Aversion, Charmaine Borg, Stephanie Both, Moniek M. ter Kuile, & Peter J. de Jong II. Therapeutic Challenges for Sex Therapy Section A. Sexual Limits and Boundaries 11. The Privileging of Pleasure: Sex Therapy in Global Cultural Context, Kathryn S. K. Hall & Cynthia A. Graham 12. Out-of-Control Sexual Behavior, Douglas Braun-Harvey & Michael A. Vigorito 13. The Pleasure of Power: Sex Therapy in the BDSM Community, David Ortmann 14. Restoring Trust and Sexual Intimacy after Infidelities, Lawrence Josephs Section B. Lifespan and Transitions 15. Sexuality in the Transition to Parenthood, Natalie O. Rosen & E. Sandra Byers 16. Sexuality and Aging: Navigating the Sexual Challenges of Aging Bodies, Daniel N. Watter 17. Sex and Couple Therapy with Survivors of Childhood Trauma, Heather B. MacIntosh, Marie-Pier Vaillancourt-Morel, & Sophie Bergeron 18. Gender Dysphoria in Children and Adolescents, Kenneth J. Zucker 19. Improving Sexual Function and Pleasure in Transgender Persons, Mats Holmberg, Stefan Arver, & Cecilia Dhejne Section C. Medical Issues 20. Sexuality and Cancer, Sharon Bober & Sandy Falk 21. Sexuality in Men and Women with Spinal Cord Injury, Frederique Courtois & Marina Gerard 22. Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, Caroline F. Pukall & David Goldmeier 23. Conclusion: Where Is Sex Therapy Going?, Marta Meana, Kathryn S. K. Hall, & Yitzchak M. Binik Index
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