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Acceptance-Based Behavioral Therapy

Treating Anxiety and Related Challenges
  • ISBN-13: 9781462544875
  • Author: Lizabeth Roemer; Susan M. Orsillo
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  • Local release date: 16/11/2020
  • Format: Paperback (254mm X 178mm) 318 pages Weight: 580g
  • Categories: Psychotherapy [MMJT]
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Developed over decades of ongoing clinical research, acceptance-based behavioral therapy (ABBT) is a flexible framework with proven effectiveness for treating anxiety disorders and co-occurring problems. This authoritative guide provides a complete overview of ABBT along with practical guidelines for assessment, case formulation, and individualized intervention. Clinicians learn powerful ways to help clients reduce experiential avoidance; cultivate acceptance, self-compassion, and mindful awareness; and increase engagement in personally meaningful behaviors. Illustrated with vivid case material, the book includes 29 reproducible handouts and forms. Purchasers get access to a companion website where they can download printable copies of the reproducible materials and audio recordings of guided meditation practices. A separate website for clients includes the audio recordings only.
I. Setting the Stage for Change 1. Overview of an Acceptance-Based Behavioral Model of Clinical Problems 2. Gathering Clinical Information to Prepare a Case Formulation 3. Sharing Case Formulation and Treatment Plan: Setting the Stage for Therapy II. Cultivating Acceptance-Based Skills and Clarifying Values 4. The Therapeutic Relationship: A Context and a Mechanism for Change 5. Psychoeducation to Cultivate Acceptance 6. Mindfulness and Other Experiential Methods 7. Using ABBT Methods to Cultivate Self-Compassion 8. Articulating and Clarifying Personal Values III. Putting It All Together: Promoting Mindful, Valued Action 9. Integrating the Three Goals of ABBT into Each Session 10. Working with Contextual Inequities and External Barriers to Values-Based Actions 11. Evaluating Progress, Relapse Prevention, and Ending Treatment Appendix A: Measures That Can Be Used to Assess ABBT Model-Specific Processes Appendix B: Mindfulness Exercises Appendix C: A Model of Integration of Topics, Exercises, and Forms across Sessions References Index List of Audio Tracks: - Mindfulness of Breath (3 minutes) - Mindfulness of Sounds (5 minutes) - Mindfulness of Physical Sensations (3 minutes) - Mindfulness-Based Progressive Muscle Relaxation: Instructions (11 minutes) - Mountain Meditation (8 minutes) - Progressive Muscle Relaxation, 16 Muscle Group Exercise (37 minutes) - Progressive Muscle Relaxation, 7 Muscle Group Exercise (19 minutes) - Progressive Muscle Relaxation, 4 Muscle Group Exercise (13 minutes) - Mindfulness of Emotions (5 minutes) - Mindfulness of Emotions and Physical Sensations (6 minutes) - Mindfulness of Clouds and Sky (7 minutes) - Inviting a Difficulty In and Working It through the Body (6 minutes) - Your Personal Experience with Self-Compassion (4 minutes) - Mindfulness of Self-Critical Thoughts (4 minutes)
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