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Group Approaches to Treating Traumatic Stress (HB)

A Clinical Handbook

Filling a key need, this unique handbook reviews the state of the science of group-based treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other traumarelated problems and offers detailed descriptions of specific approaches. Leading clinician-researchers present their respective therapies step by step, including "minimanuals" with extensive case examples. The volume provides practical guidance about basic skills for leading groups for trauma survivors, ways of comparing different kinds of groups, and the place of group therapy in the overall arc of trauma treatment. Special topics include training, supervision, and evaluation of trauma therapy groups and conducting virtual/telehealth groups.

* First book to bring together the major evidence-based group treatments for trauma.
* Group interventions for trauma are used in a variety of settings for both their efficacy and cost-effectiveness.
* Authoritative clinical handbook will be welcomed by those in private practice, social work and community agencies, VA clinics, and hospitals.
* Practical–– treatment chapters are written by expert practitioners and include a step-by-step mini-manual for applying each intervention, as well as case examples.

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