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Bob Dylan in Performance

Song, Stage, and Screen
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This study of Bob Dylan's art employs a performance studies lens, exploring the distinctive ways he brings words and music to life on recordings, onstage, and onscreen. Chapters focus on the relationship of Dylan's recorded performances to the historical bardic role, to the American popular song tradition, and to rock music culture. His uses of both stage and studio to shape his performances are explored, as are his forays into cinema. Special consideration is given to his vocal performances and to his use of particular personae as a performer. The full scope of Dylan's body of work to date is situated in terms of the influences that have shaped his performances and the ways these performances have shaped contemporary popular music.
Part One: Formations Chapter One: Eternal Circle: Dylan and Performance Chapter Two: ABOUT THE SONGS (what they're about): Dylan and the Popular Song Tradition Chapter Three: Like a Rolling Stone: Dylan and the Rock Tradition Chapter Four: Hero Blues: Dylan and the Bardic Tradition Chapter Five: The Wicked Messenger: Dylan's Vocal Resources Part Two: Transformations Chapter Six: Simple Twist of Fate: Dylan (re)working songs live Chapter Seven: Bob Dylan's Dream: Reworking Songs in the Studio Chapter Eight: Tempest: Bob Dylan's Personae Spanning Two Centuries Chapter Nine: Masked & Anonymous: Bob Dylan and Cinema Chapter Ten: Gonna Change My Way of Thinking: Bob Dylan and the Evangelical Tradition Coda: An Idiosyncratic Guide to a Bob Dylan Concert Bibliography, Discography, and Videography About the Authors
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