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The Rowman & Littlefield Handbook on Aging and Work

  • ISBN-13: 9781538129944
  • Author: Elizabeth F. Fideler
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  • Local release date: 13/09/2021
  • Format: Hardback (254.00mm X 178.00mm) 528 pages Weight: 1160g
  • Categories: Society & culture: general [JF]Social classes [JFSC]Age groups: the elderly [JFSP31]
This handbook will serve as a comprehensive resource for students, scholars and practitioners who are seeking either a broad overview of important and inter-related topics concerning the aging workforce or insightful discussions of specific issues and challenges.These issues include why extended lifespans and better health are allowing older workers to delay retirement and stay on the job. In fact, the labor force participation rate for people sixty-five and older is growing faster than the rate for all younger age groups. The scope and content of the handbook will go beyond traditional academic research on aging which has traditionally been sociologically focused by including new research done in the Gerontology, Demography, Economics, Social Policy, Psychology, Gender Studies, Social Work and Business Management disciplines.The handbook will also encompass emerging and relevant themes regarding the aging workforce in the United States, describing the impact of those conditions and developments on the individual worker, on organizations and employers, and on society as a whole.
Elizabeth F. Fideler received an EdD in administration, planning, and social policy from Harvard University. She currently serves as director for the Sloan Research Institute on Aging & Work, Boston College. Fideler has written and presented extensively on aspects of the aging workforce. Prior to becoming a research fellow at the Sloan Center, she conducted research projects at Education Development Center. Her current research and writing interests focus on older women and men who choose to continue in the paid workforce beyond conventional retirement age. She is the author of many well-received books on this topic, including the recent Aging, Work, and Retirement.
With an aging population and longer lives ahead, the future of work will be very different. Older adults will assume new roles and multi-generational workforces will proliferate. Retirement traditions and cultural norms will be toppled. Age will be incorporated in diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. With The Rowman & Littlefield Handbook on Aging and Work, Elizabeth Fideler has assembled a cast of respected experts to advise on the challenges and opportunities in this shifting longevity landscape. It's a must read and a must reference.--Paul Irving, Chairmen, Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging; Distinguished Scholar in Residence, USC Davis School of Gerontology
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