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The Transgender Encyclopedia

With over 200 entries ranging from Ancient Egypt to contemporary developments in law, media, and politics, the Transgender Encyclopedia shows how gender diversity spans the world and has done so for millennia. Read about how cultures have recognized and affirmed third and fourth genders. The history and development of trans activism is highlighted, making this an outstanding volume for those in the community who seek connection and inspiration, as well as for those who want to grow as an ally. With a chronology of important events in trans history, an introduction discussing conceptual issues, and an extensive bibliography, this work provides an essential starting point for those beginning research, or for anyone seeking to learn more about the topic. The Transgender Encyclopedia has country and region entries that show gender diversity across our world. The volume also covers film, literature, and theater, along with entries on trans and non-binary persons who have shaped--and continue to influence--the contemporary era. Readable yet analytically sophisticated, this is an excellent one volume introduction to a broad range of transgender-related topics. Written by an academic who has taught freshman-level courses for decades, it is suitable for college and high school students
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