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The Missing Peace

Rewire Your Brain, Reduce Anxiety, and Recreate Your Life

Readers want to understand that there is life beyond anxiety. Happiness needs to be within their grasp. The Missing Peace will show them how to touch it, feel it, and nurture their natural desires, not those with which society burdens us.

Often said but true, people need to learn to love themselves, but the real question is how to love themselves. How can they understand not to take the world and the other anxious people in it personally? They must understand how fear is underneath their anger. They long for acceptance but dont know how to accept themselves. The Missing Peace will give them a roadmap to these vital concepts.

Scientifically, anxiety is not a set of pre-wired and uncontrollable buttons. This book communicates how to understand these buttons, who installed them and how to unwire them. It makes people feel better all around. It goes beyond just not feeling anxious.

Practically, The Missing Peace will show readers how to cultivate and nurture the core traits mattering most to them. They will re-parent themselves to well-being, vibrant energy, and emotional stability and be shown there is just as much to nurture as there is to nature. It is never too late.

After reading this book, the reader will understand their anxiety, learn how to harness it, shift focus to what they love, and live the life they want.

Laura Rhodes-Levin, LMFT, is a licensed therapist specializing in treating anxiety, depression, and trauma. She holds a Master of Science in Counseling and is known for her original and successful approach to understanding anxiety and anxiety disorders. Five years ago, she founded The Missing Peace- Center for Anxiety, a facility that offers a variety of modalities combining modern and ancient practices for mental disorders. Laura has appeared on several news shows, radio shows, podcasts, and magazines as a regular expert. She helped to create the Special Interest Group of Integrative Health for the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), serving first as a Co-Chair and then as the lead chair. Laura has acted as the Executive Clinical Director at Awakenings Treatment Center and as the Director of Meditation and Neurofeedback at Promises Treatment Center in Malibu. She has led Meditation Groups every year for the past 12 years at the Sunlight of the Spirit Serra Retreat in Malibu. Laura is a fellow anxiety sufferer who has finally, at long last, through trials and tribulations, became friends with her brain. She is also a trained motivational speaker and ad-lib performer. She has appeared or been featured in Good Day L.A (multiple appearances)., KTLA (multiple appearances), KCBS (multiple appearances), KCAL 9 (multiple appearances), KABC, CBS, Dr. Drew, Fox News, NBC, PBS, National News in Arizona, San Diego, New Hampshire, Top-rated news and magazine articles from Huffington Post, Bustle, Very Well Minded, Thrive Global, Womens World, Voyage L.A., Formidable Woman, Be Kind & Co., Medium,, Valley News Group, The Local Optimist, Parade Magazine, Psych Central, the Zoe Report, USA Today.

Retrain your fear and live a life free from anxiety

Licensed therapist Rhodes-Levin delivers advice to help people “rewire” their brains and discover practices that will help alleviate anxiety. She uses a combination of her personal experiences, clients’ stories, and evidence-based research to support these bold claims. Each chapter begins with a synopsis, followed by a personal anecdote and what Rhodes-Levin terms the “anxiety user manual” section, in which she defines a particular facet of anxiety before offering up journal prompts, questions, and action steps…. There’s value in seeing the shared struggle, and Rhodes-Levin offers readers that companionship by showing up with and for them. With short chapters and some valuable tools, this title isn’t a substitute for therapy, but it does build a sense of community by chipping away at the stigma surrounding anxiety in ways that may appeal to readers who need a little extra support.
— Library Journal

Convinced that she was born with anxiety, Rhodes-Levin understands the power it can have over your life. After years of therapy and study, she finally feels freed from its grip. Anxiety is both genetic and learned, says the author, and it can be unlearned. The first step is identifying life events and family stories that trigger the feelings that manifest themselves as the “Wounded Child.” Secondly, Rhodes-Levin offers ways to combat these feelings, including asking for help, therapy, self-talk, spiritual beliefs, and setting healthy boundaries. Finally, readers are asked to imagine a life free of anxiety and filled with purpose. The chapters are brief and filled with examples from her life, direct talk, questions to ponder, and exercises to work through. Readers are encouraged to “build their own toolkit” and to create an “Anxiety User Manual.” Rhodes-Levin drew on her experiences and hard-won wisdom to found the Missing Peace Center for Anxiety, where therapy, yoga, meditation, massage, and other practices counter anxiety, depression, and trauma. Readers willing to put in the work will be inspired and comforted by her message.
— Booklist

Having worked with Laura at the Missing Peace Center for Anxiety for two years now, I have enjoyed a front row seat to all of her greatest hits: the hilarious and touching personal stories, the profound wisdom and insights, and the practical tools for overcoming anxiety and all of its related challenges. With this book, Laura has encapsulated a lifetime of personal and clinical lessons for living your best life. I had already heard most of what I read in this book, and I still couldn’t put it down. And I know I will come back to it again and again when I need to remind myself of the pearls of life fulfillment it offers.
— Ryan Dusick, MA, AMFT, founding drummer of Maroon 5, therapist, advocate, speaker, and author of Harder to Breathe: A Memoir of Making Maroon 5, Losing It All, and Finding Recovery

The Missing Peace offers a valuable guide for individuals, professionals, or loved ones who want to understand the root causes of anxiety and learn healthier ways to face each day. By sharing personal stories, therapeutic methods, and practical action steps, Laura Rhodes-Levin leads readers through the healing process and counters the lies, fears, and hurts that can hold us captive in life. This book will help readers step away from “survival” strategies and find the PEACE they’ve been seeking, all while reminding them they’re not alone.
— Julie Cantrell, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Perennials

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