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Rodnaya rech' with website PB (Lingco): (3/e Revised Website Access)

An Introductory Course for Heritage Learners of Russian
Rodnaya rech' with website, an introductory textbook for heritage learners, addresses the unique needs of students who have at least intermediate-level listening and speaking skills on the ACTFL scale but who have underdeveloped or nonexistent literacy skills. With an emphasis on conceptual understanding of vocabulary and grammar, Rodnaya rech' builds students' literacy skills and teaches them to strategically use the linguistic intuition they have gained as heritage speakers while strengthening all four skill areas. The accompanying companion website–included with the book–offers fully integrated exercises to use alongside the text. Rodnaya rech' can be used as the main course material either in an intensive one-semester class or at a more measured pace over two semesters. This book is flexible enough to be used in specialized heritage or in mixed classes. It can also support independent study and learning in less formal settings, such as community schools.
Irina Y. Dubinina is associate professor of Russian at Brandeis University, where she also directs the Russian language program. She has extensive experience teaching Russian as a second and heritage language. Olesya Kisselev is an assistant professor in the Department of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies at University of Texas at San Antonio. She has many years of experience teaching Russian as a second and heritage language.
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