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Cold Rivals

The New Era of US-China Strategic Competition
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Leading authorities analyze growing tensions in US-China relations and what this means for the future The US-China relationship is now defined by "strategic competition." In Cold Rivals, a distinguished group of scholars from the United States and China examine the reasons for this deterioration and its implications for world politics. The two countries are now competitors locked in a long-term rivalry, but how volatile this rivalry will become is still to be determined. The book explores not only the historical roots and contemporary foreign policy aspects of this era, but also looks at the economic, military, and technological arenas of US-China strategic competition. In doing so, this volume highlights important differences in US and Chinese perspectives. A final section of the volume explores future scenarios for this relationship from a variety of perspectives, all coming to a sobering conclusion. This policy-relevant book provides a comprehensive overview of US-China strategic competition and reinvigorates thinking about how to avoid reaching a crisis point.
Evan S. Medeiros is the inaugural Penner Family Chair in Asian Studies at Georgetown University's Walsh School of Foreign Service and the Cling Family Distinguished Fellow in US-China Studies. During the Obama Administration, he held senior positions on the National Security Council including Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Asia. He has published seven books including China's International Behavior: Activism, Opportunism, and Diversification.
List of Illustrations AcknowledgmentsIntroduction: A New Strategic RealityEvan. S. Medeiros Part I1. Explaining and Understanding Competition in U.S.-China RelationsEvan S. Medeiros2. Old Cold War and NewRichard K. Betts3. The U.S. and China: From Partners to Competitors in America's EyesHarry Harding4. From Reluctant Cooperation to Assertive Competition: China's Reaction to U.S. Strategic Pressure 1979-2022Wang Jisi Part II5. China's Management of Strategic Competition with the United StatesWu Xinbo6. The Evolution of America's China Policy: Rethink, Reset, RecalibrateElizabeth Economy 7. The Economic Origins of U.S.-China Strategic CompetitionArthur R. Kroeber Part III8. The Military Factor in U.S.-China Strategic CompetitionPhillip C. Saunders9. National Security and Strategic Competition between China and the United StatesLi Chen10. Non-Traditional Security Competition: the Espionage RealmJames Mulvenon Part IV11. China's Rise as a Technology Power and U.S.-China Technology Competition: Assessing Beijing's ResponsePaul Triolo12. From Backwater to Near-Peer: Changing U.S. Approaches Towards China as a Technological CompetitorHelen Toner Part V13. Time Horizons and The Future of Sino-American RelationsDavid M. Edelstein14. Parsing and Managing U.S.-China CompetitionDavid Shambaugh15. Forecasting the Future of U.S.-China RelationsEvan S. Medeiros List of ContributorsIndex
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