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Basic Electronics

Theory and Practice
  • ISBN-13: 9781683925286
  • Author: Westcott, Sean
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  • Local release date: 26/07/2021
  • Format: Mixed media product (229.00mm X 178.00mm) 550 pages Weight: 900g
  • Categories: Technology: general issues [TB]Electronics & communications engineering [TJ]Electronic devices & materials [TJFD]
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This updated edition is an introduction appropriate for both the student and hobbyist to the theory and practice of electronics. It leads the reader through introductory understanding of the science underlying electronics, building basic circuits, learning the roles of the components, the application of digital theory and the possibilities for innovation by combining sensors, motors, and microcontrollers. Each chapter contains a brief lab to demonstrate the topic covered, then moving on to the hands-on applications of what you have learned by building a programmable robot with the Netduino or Arduino microcontroller, and using the Raspberry Pi in your electronicsprojects. The companion disc has videos of the labs, soldering skills, animations, and code samples for programming of the robot and your Raspberry Pi. Features: Leads the reader through an introductory understanding of electronics with bothsimple labs and progressing to the construction of a microcontroller-drivenrobot using open source software and hardware and a project to run on aRaspberry Pi Includes a new chapter on Cybersecurity and IoT for Electronic Projects and two new animations Features companion files with videos of labs, tutorials on soldering/ de-soldering, code for the microcontroller robot project, and figures from the text
1: The Theory behindElectricity 2: How Electricity Works 3: Currents andCircuits 4: Tools of the Trade 5: ShopSetup and Safety 6: Switches 7: Resistors 8:Capacitors 9: Diodes 10: Transistors 11: PowerSources and Power Supplies 12: Soldering 13: Constructing aPower Supply 14: Digital Theory 15: Integrated Circuits 16: Memory 17: Microcontrollers 18: Motors andControllers 19: Sensors 20: Electronic Communication 21: Building Your Robot 22: Getting Your Robot Moving 23:Adding Sensors to Your Robot 24: Using Raspberry Pi in YourElectronics Projects 25: Cybersecurity and IoT for Electronic Projects Appendix A: Glossary Appendix B: Component Shopping List Appendix C:Electronics Timeline Appendix D: Mathematics for Electronics Appendix E:Careers in Electronics Appendix F: Answers to Odd-Numbered Questions AppendixG: Lab Videos, Animations, and Supplementary Video Directory
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