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Data Structures and Program Design Using Python: A Self-Teaching Introdu

A Self-Teaching Introduction
  • ISBN-13: 9781683926399
  • Author: D. Malhotra
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  • Local release date: 01/06/2021
  • Format: Paperback (229.00mm X 178.00mm) 376 pages Weight: 760g
  • Categories: Information technology: general issues [UB]Computer programming / software development [UM]
Table of
Data structures provide a means to managing huge amounts of information such as large databases, using SEO effectively, and creating Internet/Web indexing services. This book is designed to present fundamentals of data structures for beginners using the Python programming language in a friendly, self-teaching, format. Practical analogies using real world applications are integrated throughout the text to explain technical concepts. The book includes a variety of end-of-chapter practice exercises, e.g., programming, theoretical, and multiple-choice. FEATURES: Covers data structure fundamentals using Python Numerous tips, analogies, and practical applications enhance understanding of subjects under discussion "Frequently Asked Questions" integrated throughout the text clarify and explain concepts Includes a variety of end-of-chapter exercises, e.g., programming, theoretical, and multiple choice.
D. Malhotra, PhD, is a professor in information technology and has published numerous research articles with reputed international publishers such as ACM, Springer, Elsevier, and IEEE. N. Malhotra, PhD, has research publications with numerous international publishers. Her teaching and research interests include data structures, big data analytics, business intelligence, Java, and distributed programming.
1: Introduction to Data Structures 2: Introduction to Python 3: Arrays 4: Linked Lists 5: Queues 6: Searching & Sorting 7: Stacks 8: Trees 9: Multi-Way Search Trees 10: Hashing 11: Files 12: Graphs Appendix: Answers to Selected Exercises Index
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