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    The Chronicles of Jack McCool - The Amulet of Athlone

    Book 1

    Who is Jack McCool? He’s a regular wise-cracking school boy, expert
    multiple biscuit eater and dodger of homework who likes nothing
    better than chilling out on his bed with his dog, Fergus. It’s no
    wonder Jack’s room is his refuge, considering his crazy family and
    the daily onslaught he faces at school from his arch enemies: Miss
    Medusa, his lip-curling teacher, and Oscar the school bully. And oh
    yeah, Jack’s just discovered he holds the key to breaking an ancient
    curse. Travelling back in time thanks to a dusty old trunk he finds in
    the attic, Jack joins forces with a warrior from the past, takes on a
    vengeful king and travels the world to solve the secrets of the
    magical Amulet of Athlone by retrieving its six enchanted gemstones
    from the clutches of some seriously devious and dangerous characters.

    R. E. Devine writes fiction and non-fiction for adults and children alike. The author’s father delighted in spinning bedtime stories featuring the legendary Irish folk hero Finn McCool; stories which both mesmerised and inspired the young reader – but didn’t do much in getting R.E. to sleep. From those childhood tales, grew this exciting adventure series about Jack McCool, a colourful and quirky modernday Finn. This is R.E.’s first series of books for children after 25 years in journalism. The author lives in Sydney with three boys who each swear Jack McCool is based on them. But only R.E. and the family kelpie know the truth.

    Introducing an exciting new adventure series packed with mythology, folklore, wondrous destinations and times. – Jack McCool will captivate, thrill and intrigue any young reader.  Even those who don’t like to read! – With Six books in this series, the adventures and quests of Jack and his comrades will thrill and delight for some time to come – Ideal reading for fans of ‘Percy Jackson Series’ and ‘The Kane Chronicles Trilogy’ by Rick Riordan.

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