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Pippa and Pelle and their Cosy Home

Meet Pippa and Pelle, two friendly little elves who live in a cosy, moss-covered home. On a sunny day they say hello to animal friends and learn about their homes -- the snail in its shell, the butterfly in the meadow, and the beetle beneath the leaves. Daniela Drescher's luminous and unique style brings life to the new edition of this magical board book. Pippa and Pelle and Their Cosy Home is the first in the delightful Pippa and Pelle series. From the creator of Norbert the Winter Gnome and In the Land of Fairies.
Daniela Drescher is an internationally acclaimed author and illustrator from Munich, Germany. Daniela was a children's painting and drawing therapist for ten years, using her own poetry in her therapeutic work. Now the creator of more than 40 children's books, Daniela still draws the fairies and elves she imagined as a child. Her work is inspired by nature and her wish to engage children with the natural world. As well as books, Daniela's artwork appears on stationery, homeware and fabric. Her best-known books available in English include In the Land of Fairies, the Little Fairy stories and the Pippa and Pelle board books. She is also the illustrator of stunning fairy tale anthologies An Illustrated Treasury of Grimm's Fairy Tales and An Illustrated Treasury of Dwarfs, Gnomes and Fairy Folk.
'The story is simple but charming? I'd recommend it to all parents with young kids.' -- 'Young children will love pointing out the birds and insects that the two little woodland characters meet along the way.' -- Armadillo
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