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Ghislaine Maxwell

The Fall of America's Most Notorious Socialite
  • ISBN-13: 9781783342174
  • Publisher: GIBSON SQUARE
    Imprint: GIBSON SQUARE
  • Author: Cawthorne, Nigel
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  • Local release date: 14/09/2021
  • Format: Paperback (219.00mm X 198.00mm) 224 pages Weight: 160g
  • Categories: Biography & True Stories [B]True stories [BT]True crime [BTC]

On 2 July, multi-millionaire Ghislaine Maxwell - Jeffrey Epstein’s former lover and a close friend of Prince Andrew’s and ex-President Donald Trump’s - was arrested in new Hampshire on charges relating to the serial abuse of underage girls. After a year-long hunt for her by lawyers, the world media and the FBI, she became one of the most recognisable fugitives around the world. Who was she and how did she fall so far from grace, and amass her fortune of over 30 million after being next to penniless following the death of her father? This is the first investigation based on new sources.

Nigel Cawthorne started his writing career at the FINANCIAL TIMES and has written books on American history and testified before the US Senate. He has provided news comment on Sky, ITV, STV and BBC radio 4. He lives in Bloomsbury, London.

* The first biography of Ghislaine Maxwell, one of the world’s best-connected socialites (and daughter of the infamous Robert Maxwell), who is currently held in New York’s most violent detention centres.
* Trial of Ghislaine Maxwell on Epstein-related underage sex-trafficking charges related to Jeffrey Epstein scheduled on 12 July in Manhattan.
* Evidence in the case relates to Maxwell’s testimony covering Prince Andrew, son of the Queen of England.
* The biggest trial of the 21st century: Maxwell can afford legal fees up to $30 million.
* Previous praise for Nigel Cawthorne: ‘Explosive’ GLOBE, ‘Devastating’ DAILY MAIL, ‘Hits hard’ SUNDAY TIMES.

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