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Chaplains as Partners in Medical Decision-Making: Case Studies in Health

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Healthcare chaplains working as part of interdisciplinary teams are frequently involved in contributing to discussions on all aspects of patients' wellbeing. This insightful collection of
case studies shows how chaplains can effectively support patients and their families in making decisions regarding medical care, as well as for their spiritual needs.
Reflecting the reality of medical decision-making, each case study follows a format where a chaplain and a non-chaplain (e.g. a doctor or a social worker) gives their response to
the example considered, helping the reader to understand the chaplain's role in the decision making and how they can contribute constructively to the process. Adding another layer to the multifaceted role of the chaplain, this is essential reading for any chaplain in healthcare.
Foreword - George Fitchett, Rush University, USA; Introduction - M. Jeanne Wirpsa and Karen Pugliese, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago; PART I - STORY MATTERS: PATIENT AS PERSON Karen Pugliese; 1. 'It was an easy choice. I'm not ready to die.' -- Keith, a 59-year-old living with Stage IV bladder cancer, Paul Galchutt, University of Minnesota Health Fairview, USA; 2.'Glen's Mission' - a 72-year-old man, living until his sense of purpose was fulfilled, Jim Hogg, Memorial Hermann Hospital -Texas, USA; 3. 'I don't want to put them through anything more. They've already done enough for me' - Bob, a middle-aged husband and father as he faces treatment decisions for his second life-threatening cancer, M. Jeanne Wirpsa; 4. Critical Response to Story Matters: Patient as Person Case Studies,A Chaplain's Perspective, Anne Windholz, AMITA Health Alexian Brothers Medical Center, USA; 5. Critical Response to Story Matters: Patient as Person Case Studies, A Palliative Care Physician's Perspective, Nora Segar, Jesse Brown VA Medical Center, USA; PART II - EMOTIONS AND FAMILY DYNAMICS THAT IMPACT MEDICAL DECISION-MAKING, Karen Pugliese and M. Jeanne Wirpsa; 6. 'She has fed all of us. How can we not feed her?' - Ray, the grandson of family matriarch, Rita, Keith W. Goheen, Beebe Healthcare, USA; 7. 'Take this trach out; I don't want to live this way'- Mark, a middle-aged man with acute respiratory disease, Melanie Swofford, Cape Fear Valley Health System, USA; 8. 'I don't want to give up on him, but I don't want to hurt him either.' - Aaron's family as they struggle to do right by this 45-year-old who suffered a sudden life-threatening injury, Teresamarie T. Vilagos, Carolinas Rehabilitation, USA; 9. Critical Response to Emotions and Family Dynamics Case Studies, A Chaplain's Perspective, Linda F. Piotrowski, National Association of Catholic Chaplains, USA; 10. Critical Response to Emotions and Family Dynamics Case Studies, A Psychologist's Perspective, Debjani Mukherjee, Northwestern University, USA; PART III - NEGOTIATING RELIGIOUS AND CULTURAL DIFFERENCES, M. Jeanne Wirpsa; 11. 'If G-d feels Sara should experience a recovery, it will be a great gift. However, if G-d doesn't, my belief system will never change.' - Leah, an Orthodox Jew, speaking about G-d's role in her daughter's devastating illness, Abraham Axelrud, The Wagner School of New York University, USA; 12. 'She's dying from a broken heart' - Mary telling the story of her sister Alma's death, Michelle Kirby, VA San Diego Healthcare System and Naval Medical Center, USA; 13. 'Allah Will Decide' - Ayesah, a 50-year-old Palestinian Muslim woman dying in the ICU, Emily Rosencrans, Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital, USA; 14. Critical Response to Religious and Cultural Differences Case Studies, A Chaplain's Perspective, Karen Lieberman; 15. Critical Response to Religious and Cultural Differences Case Studies, A Family Medicine Physician's Response,Christopher Smyre, Northwestern McGaw Family Medicine Residency, USA; Afterword, Martin Walton, Protestant Theological University, The Netherlands
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