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Kigo: Exploring the Spiritual Essence of Acupuncture Points Through the

Changing Seasons
  • ISBN-13: 9781787752566
  • Author: Dechar, Lorie and Lewis, Randine and
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  • Local release date: 04/12/2020
  • Format: Paperback (224mm X 148mm) 304 pages Weight: 480g
  • Categories: Complementary medicine [MX]
Table of

A clinical guide to working with the spirit of points for acupuncturists, bodyworkers and other practitioners who use acupuncture points as part of their clinical work with patients. Drawing on Taoist and Chinese texts, as well as influences from psychology and psychotherapy, it outlines the importance of understanding the points seasonal energy.

With references to traditional Taoist and Chinese texts, as well as influences from the authors background in psychology and psychotherapy, this book by Lorie Dechar demonstrates how practitioners can work with the spirit of acupuncture points in modern practice.

The concept of kigo, a Japanese word meaning season word, is used to understand the seasonal energy of the points and how the body relates to the universal flow. As an understanding of the spirit of the point brings focus and potency to a practitioners needling, it also strengthens their ability to touch a patients soul and spirit, besides the physical body.

Tying in the macro cosmic connection of the body to the universe with a poetic force that amplifies and deepens the effect of acupuncture, Kigo is the perfect companion not only for acupuncturists, but also for chiropractors and psychotherapists, doctors and nurses, and other practitioners who use the points as part of their clinical work.

Introduction. The Seasons. 1. Water: The Winter Season. 2. Wood: The Spring Season. 3. Fire: The Summer Season. 4. Later Summer: The Earth Season. 5. Metal: The Autumn Season. Conclusion.

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