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Helping Autistic Teens to Manage their Anxiety

Strategies and Worksheets using CBT, DBT, and ACT Skills
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Drawing on the author's extensive clinical and research experience, this book presents practical strategies purposefully developed for parents, therapists and teachers working with autistic adolescents experiencing anxiety. In addition, it features chapters dedicated to assisting parents in supporting their anxious child. The book outlines the co-occurence of anxiety and autism, highlights specific anxiety risks and triggers, and presents practical solutions for overcoming barriers to therapeutic engagement. A collection of CBT, ACT and DBT-informed practical worksheets are included, making this book ideal for use at home, at school or in OT, Psychology and Speech sessions
Theresa Kidd is a clinical psychologist, research fellow and director of private practice with over 30 years of experience in the disability and mental health sectors. In addition to completing a PhD in autism and anxiety, providing specialised training both nationally and internationally, Theresa co-developed and managed the Curtin Specialist Mentoring Program (CSMP) that supports autistic university students to successfully engage at university and beyond.
Introduction; 1. The Overlap: Where Autism And Anxiety Meet; 2. Risks, Triggers And Expression: A Lens For Understanding Anxiety; 3. Making Anxiety Treatment Accessible And Engaging; 4. Supporting Young People With Pathological Demand Avoidance; 5. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy To Reduce Symptoms Of Anxiety; 6. Using Acceptance And Commitment Therapy (Act) To Increase Psychological Flexibility; 7. Using Dbt Skills To Manage Strong Emotions; 8. The Craft Of Parenting: Supporting The Anxious Adolescent
For professionals and parents working with autistic teens with anxiety, this practical activity book provides expert theory, advice and tailored worksheets to put straight into practice
Being autistic is not a pseudonym for anxiety, but they commonly co-exist. Autonomy cannot be the outcome without the journey of conquering our demons. This treasure of a book, for autistic teens and supporters, is an illustrated road map, with appropriate exercises, signposts and choregraphed terrain highlighting a safe way forward. -- Dr. Wenn B. Lawson (PhD) CPsychol AFBPsS MAP
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