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Qigong in Yoga Teaching and Practice

Understanding Qi and the Use of Meridian Energy
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This book inspires yoga teachers to explore the synergy between qigong and yoga sequencing through an exploration of how qigong principles, postures and themes can be incorporated into yoga. It allows yoga teachers to add a dimension of physical and energetic awareness during movement and in asana. Introducing key concepts, Joo Teoh demonstrates the application of each aspect as well as addressing variations and adaptations for different physical limitations. This book is also supported by black and white illustrations and photographs. This book is part of the series 'Yoga Teaching Guides', which provides expert information on essential topics as well as ideas for creative teaching.
Joo Teoh is a teacher of hatha vinyasa yoga, qigong and meditation. Joo began teaching in 2007 in China's first dedicated yoga studio, Yoga Yard Beijing. He has also taught at The Life Centre and Triyoga and is a founding member of the Association of Five Element Acupuncturists (AFEA). Joo speaks three Chinese dialects, Malay, English and French. He hosts private retreats at his farmhouse in Normandy.
Foreword 9 Acknowledgments 12 Preface 13 1. Shape and No Shape 17 Ethics and intention 19 The heart of qigong 20 Moving naturally and freely 21 2. Cultivating Qi 26 Breathing the breath 28 'Ma shang lai!' 30 Horse Stance 31 Qualities of qi and dynamics of movement 32 3. The Qi Circulatory System 40 Part 1: The central meridians 40 Part 2: The Emperor and his Ministers 48 4. Exercises to Stimulate the Meridians 55 Heart meridian 55 Small Intestine meridian 60 Bladder meridian 63 Kidney meridian 65 Pericardium meridian 73 Triple Heater meridian 75 Liver and Gallbladder meridians 79 Lung meridian 81 Large Intestine meridian 88 5. Bringing Qi to the Arms and Legs 97 Part 1: Building qi in the hands and arms 97 Part 2: Moving qi to the legs 107 6. Inspirations for Sequencing 112 Part 1: The Five Elements 112 Part 2: Seasonal transitions 123 Part 3: Pairing meridians 128 Part 4: Inspiration from Chinese herbalism 133 Postscript 136 Glossary of Chinese Terms and Pronunciation Guide 138 Further Study 149 Index 151
How to apply Qigong principles, postures, and themes into yoga sequencing for fresh and dynamic yoga classes
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