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Rainbows, Unicorns, and Triangles

Queer Symbols Throughout History
In the past, being different has often been dangerous, and people couldn't always be open about how they wanted to dress, what gender they wanted to be, and who they loved... Within these pages, you'll learn about how LGBTQIA2S+ people have used signs and symbols throughout history to communicate with each other, create safe spaces, and celebrate who they are! You'll recognise the rainbow flags of Pride Month, but what about the Labrys, the Lambda or the Lavender Rhino? This beautifully illustrated guide takes you on a journey through everything from the green carnations of Oscar Wilde and the violets of Sappho to the black rings of asexuality and the reclaimed pink triangles of persecution. A wonderful guide for children 5+ to the visual worlds of queer life.
Jem Milton is a non-binary artist based in Glasgow. Originally from Gloucestershire, Jem attended Central St Martins in London before training with Scriberia Ltd, where they worked until 2017. Now a freelance illustrator, Jem makes illustrations, comics and infographics, along with graphic recording and running workshops on creative thinking and visual storytelling.
A children's book exploring the various symbols associated with LGBTQIA2S+ lives throughout history and currently.
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