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A Handbook of Children's Grief

For Adults Supporting Children
Bereavement is undeniably one of the most challenging experiences a child can face. It is crucial for individuals caring for such children to be well-informed about how to provide the best support. This comprehensive guide on children's grief is designed for teachers, educators, psychologists, and family members, and aims to equip them with essential knowledge about how to support the child and family through this experience. The authors delve into various aspects of grief reactions and processes in children, offering insights into bereavement in different settings, including home and school. The guide also explores therapy options, the impact on development and relationships, and the lasting effects that extend beyond childhood. Drawing from scientific research, clinical experience, and the voices of bereaved children through stories and quotes, this guide provides practical and concrete advice for those dedicated to supporting children's grief. It serves as an invaluable resource for understanding and aiding children in their journey through loss.
Atle Dyregrov, PhD, is a professor at the Center for crisis psychology, University of Bergen, Norway. He also works a clinical psychologist at the Clinic for crisis psychology. Dyregrov is the author of numerous publications, journal articles, and more than 15 books. He has conducted research on various subjects relating to bereavement, trauma, and disaster. He is one of the founding members of the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies and the Children and War Foundation and has worked extensively for different humanitarian organizations. Martin Lytje, PhD, is an associate professor at the Center for crisis psychology, University of Bergen, Norway. Martin focusses his research on how to develop institutional bereavement responses and support childcare staff working with grieving children. He has written numerous articles and contributed to several books.
A comprehensive and practical guide on how to support grieving children for teachers, educators, psychologists, and family members.
As it feels as if more and more children experience a significant bereavement - whether from a pandemic, a mass accident, a disaster, war or terrorism - adults owe it to them to provide soundly based advice on how to cope. At present, most models of intervention are badly adapted ones based on some understanding of adult bereavement. The so-called "stages of Grief" disguised the reality that there are many ways adults grieve - and it is even more so with children. This timely handbook is written by two exceptionally well experienced professionals. They target advice to other professionals and especially also to parents. Normal and abnormal grief are discussed in settings including the family and school. Insightful text is followed by advice on practical help. Adults need to be open in their discussions and provide information on grief and bereavement at an appropriate level. Their role is to be sensitive and supportive of the grieving child. No longer to well-meaning medical personnel need to reach for inappropriate psychotropic medication. Parents, mental health professionals and teachers can invest in this handbook instead. -- Professor William Yule, Emeritus Professor of Applied child psychology, King's College London.
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