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All Tangled Up in Autism and Chronic Illness

A guide to navigating multiple conditions
In this ground-breaking debut, Charli Clement combines their own experiences alongside unique short profiles from individuals with chronic illness, to provide an intimate and insightful look at the complexities of living with both autism and chronic illness. From navigating your diagnosis and healthcare, learning how to manage pain and your own sensory needs to dealing with ableism, medical misogyny and transphobia, Clement offers practical advice and delves into the unique challenges faced by individuals living in this intersection. With a focus on the unique neurodiverse experience and an exploration into disability pride and joy 'Autism and Chronic Illness' is a necessary and empowering resource for autistic and chronically ill people as well as for family members, friends, and healthcare professionals.
Charli Clement is a young autistic and chronically ill person and activist. Charli is a #iwill ambassador for Youth Social Action who has worked with NHS England, the British Institute of Human Rights and Birmingham Women's and Children NHS Trust. Their writing has featured in Vice, Metro, Student Minds and The Unwritten.
Guide for autistic and chronically ill individuals, providing advice around navigating healthcare systems, managing competing conditions and arranging reasonable adjustments.
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