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Pride Families

Families come in all different shapes and sizes, and each one is perfect! Come and celebrate what it means to be a PRIDE FAMILY in this beautifully illustrated book written by LGBTQIA+ author, Amie Taylor and Illustrated by Kaspa Clarke. LGBTQIA+ families come in all the colours of the rainbow. Perhaps you belong to a Pride family, or maybe you have a friend who belongs to a Pride Family? This educational children's book explores what these families look like with a focus on trans, non-binary, gay, lesbian and polyamorous family set ups. Covering themes such as, pregnancy, donor conception and surrogacy alongside a guide for adults that helps explain terminology, this book is an invaluable resource for sharing and celebrating what it means to be a Pride family.
Amie Taylor (she/her) is an LGBTQIA+ writer, theatre maker and workshop facilitator. She runs a theatre company that produces productions and workshops for young people about LGBTQIA+. She contributes regularly to BBC Radio London, where she speaks on LGBTQ+ arts and culture. She has previously published The Big Book of LGBTQ+ Activities and The Monster Book of Feelings. When she's not writing and theatre making, she works for 3 days a week at Fun Palaces, and organisation that campaigns for cultural democracy so that everyone has a say in what counts as culture, where it happens, who makes it, and who experiences it.
A celebratory children's book about LGBTQIA+ families
Discovering and celebrating diversity is at the heart of this tenderly illustrated children's book. It's a wholesome and affirming read that acknowledges the many forms families can take, whether they're already part of our lives or yet to be encountered. As a trans masculine individual who identifies as bisexual, I found it comforting and empowering to see myself represented in these pages. I believe many Pride families will find resonance in this book, and it can serve as a valuable educational tool to promote understanding and acceptance of the beautiful variations that exist in our world. -- Fox Fisher, Artist, Author and Film-maker
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