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Live, Laugh, Lesbian

Navigating Life as a Lesbian in the 21st Century

“Sometimes, it’s easy to feel like the only lesbian in the world – let alone in the village. But wherever you are with your sexuality, you’ve just picked up a book with the word ‘lesbian’ in the title and I know baby you would be so proud.”
From strap-ons and Lesbian Bed Death to dealing with homophobic microaggressions in the workplace and finding your second family, Helen Scott, lesbian big sister and lipstick femme in chief is here to hold your hand as you travel your own unique path to Gay Town.
Half memoir, half guide, and 100% big lesbian hug, plunge with Helen into the highs and lows of navigating lesbian life in the modern world and emerge with all the lesbian life hacks you’ll need to get out there and live the life of your dreams.
Candid, wise, bold and hilarious – it’s time to reclaim the L in LGBTQ+

Helen Scott is a presenter, broadcaster, content creator and a vocal ambassador for the lesbian community. Shes hosted variously on BBC Radio, ITV and Virgin, and is one of TikToks top presenters, as well as writing a regular column for Gay London Life. Helen is based in Manchester.

First-of-its-kind self-help guide for lesbians by a popular online influencer and presenter

Helen is the lesbian big sister we all need

Charlie Craggs, author of To My Trans Sisters


From non-stop laughter to a sensational wit and dedication to supporting and uplifting the Lesbian community, Helen is an amazing advocate. What a wonderful resource this will be for so many!

Jamie Windust, author of In Their Shoes: Navigating Non-Binary Life


Exactly what the lesbian community need - definitely something that I could have done with when I came out and was discovering my identity!

Amy Ashcroft, Netgalley

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