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Bare Bones Anaesthesia

A medical student's guide
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A one-stop full-colour resource which provides tailored, guideline-specific information to prepare you for your medical school examinations. Bare Bones Anaesthetics is an exciting new text appropriate for the level of a medical student to excel in their medical school examinations. It contains all the core information you need to know and includes important MCQ and OSCE tips for those tricky situations that examiners attempt to catch medical students out on. These are highlighted throughout the textbook to emphasize their importance for your learning and to focus your understanding. Written by a team of junior doctors, who have recently been through medical schools, the book give you the essential information in an easy-to-use format.
Chapter 1 - Principles of anaesthesia 1.1 General anaesthesia - the basics 1.2 General anaesthesia - the phases 1.3 Hypnotic agents 1.4 Neuromuscular blockers Chapter 2 - Pre-operative assessment and planning 2.1 Anaesthetic history 2.2 Airway planning 2.3 Bloods and investigations 2.4 Co-morbidities - altering existing medications 2.5 Drugs to provide 2.6 DVT prophylaxis and other preparations for surgery 2.7 End-stage planning 2.8 Fasting 2.9 Conducting the WHO surgical checklist Chapter 3 - Conducting anaesthesia 3.1 Induction phase 3.2 Rapid sequence induction 3.3 Maintaining anaesthesia 3.4 End of anaesthesia Chapter 4 - Types of airway control 4.1 Airway adjuncts 4.2 Definitive airways 4.3 Non-definitive airways Chapter 5 - Complications of anaesthesia 5.1 Complications Chapter 6 - Local anaesthesia 6.1 What is local anaesthesia? 6.2 Types of local anaesthesia 6.3 Complications of local anaesthesia Chapter 7 - Regional anaesthesia 7.1 Peripheral nerve blocks 7.2 Intravenous regional anaesthesia 7.3 Neuraxial anaesthesia 7.4 Epidural anaesthesia 7.5 Spinal anaesthesia Chapter 8 - Post-operative complications 8.1 Post-operative pain 8.2 Post-operative nausea and vomiting (PONV) 8.3 Other post-operative complications 8.4 Post-operative pyrexia Chapter 9 - MCQ and OSCE scenarios 9.1 MCQ questions 9.2 OSCE scenarios Chapter 10 - Glossary and references 10.1 Glossary 10.2 References
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