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    The Beauty Of Steam


    The steam locomotive is one of Britain’s greatest and most beautiful inventions and generations have marvelled at the power conveyed in its iron form. But the mystical qualities of smoke and pure white steam give life to the locomotive and through the genius of design, it appears to blend magically with the scenery through which it passes. Although Britain’s golden age of steam ended in 1968, these ‘living machines’ continue to enthral people of all ages. Packed with stunning colour and rare black-and -white photographs, The Beauty of Steam portrays real working steam and beautifully preserved locomotives pushing across the grand landscapes of Britain.

    Since leaving university, author Peter Waller has been involved in transport publishing and writing for more than 30 years.
    He is the author of a number of books on transport subjects and, prior to going freelance, was Publisher (Books) at Ian Allan
    Publishing. He is a Director and Secretary of the Online Transport Archive.

    • 50th Anniversary Edition
    Last Steam Trains were withdrawn from service in 1968 in Britain
    • Featuring superb black and white and colour images and photographs
    not published previously.
    • Each year hundreds of thousands of visitors go to Steam rallies in
    Britain to view the many steam locomotives that are still running.
    • This book will appeal to the thousands of steam enthusiasts who have
    an enduring interest in the Golden Age of Steam.

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