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The Revision Revolution

How to build a culture of effective study in your school
Have you ever wondered why your students don't revise? Or why they revise ineffectively? Often, they simply don't know how. This is where The Revision Revolution comes in. What if, instead of just telling students to revise, we taught them explicit study skills from Year 7? What if we made revision enjoyable, even irresistible? The aim is not just to help students pass exams, but to embed their learning and help them grow into knowledgeable and informed young adults. In this book, Helen Howell and Ross Morrison McGill guide you step by step through how to start and sustain a revision revolution in your school, building a culture of effective study that flows through all aspects of school life.
Helen Howell is director of English at the Blue Coat School in Oldham. She previously worked at the Radclyffe School, also in Oldham, as English AST and lead teacher for literacy, where she was instrumental in developing a knowledge-rich KS3 curriculum and a culture of reading for pleasure. Helen is passionate about narrowing the gap through explicit vocabulary and writing instruction and effective revision methods that make learning stick. She lives in Stockport with her husband and their two children. Ross Morrison McGill, also known as @TeacherToolkit, is the founder of one of the most popular education websites in the world, He was nominated for The Sunday Times' 500 Most Influential People in Britain 2015 and remains the only classroom teacher to have featured to this day. A former deputy headteacher, Ross now works with pupils, teachers and school leaders across the world, supporting teaching and learning, workload and mental health.
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