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Clinical Evidence Made Easy 2/e

The Basics of Evidence-Based Medicine
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This book will help you to understand and appraise clinical research articles and guidelines and assess how they should influence your practice. Assuming no prior knowledge, Clinical Evidence Made Easy starts by explaining the theory of evidence-based practice, including:
* understanding the hierarchy of evidence
* how to recognize bias
* assessing research papers
* making sense of qualitative research
* making use of clinical guidelines
* what to do with evidence from pharmaceutical companies
* how to apply the evidence in real life.
The book concludes with a section covering clinical evidence at work (completely updated for this new edition) which:
* provides you with simple appraisal tools that you can use to evaluate research papers and clinical guidance
* uses extracts from original journal articles to show how you can put the appraisal tools and theory into practice.
This new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated, and now features ‘Test your understanding’ questions at the end of each chapter, along with answers at the end of the book.

Understanding clinical evidence
1 The importance of clinical evidence; 2 Asking the right questions; 3 Looking for evidence; 4 Choosing and reading a paper; 5 Recognizing bias; 6 Statistics that describe; 7 Statistics that predict; 8 Randomized controlled trials; 9 Cohort studies; 10 Case–control studies; 11 Research on diagnostic tests; 12 Qualitative research; 13 Research that summarizes other research; 14 Clinical guidelines; 15 Health economic evidence; 16 Evidence from pharmaceutical companies; 17 Applying the evidence in real life
Clinical evidence at work 18 Asking the right questions; 19 Choosing the right statistical test; 20 Randomized controlled trials; 21 Cohort studies; 22 Case–control studies; 23 Research on diagnostic tests; 24 Qualitative research; 25 Research that summarizes other research; 26 Clinical guidelines; 27 Health economic evidence; 28 Evidence from pharmaceutical companies; 29 Putting it all together…

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