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Quick & Easy Knitting

52 Projects to brighten up your Home and wardrobe
  • ISBN-13: 9781915343444
  • Publisher: SONA BOOKS
    Imprint: SONA BOOKS
  • By Katharine Marsh
  • Price: AUD $49.99
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  • Local release date: 01/05/2024
  • Format: Hardback (270.00mm X 210.00mm) 144 pages Weight: 400g
  • Categories: Knitting & crochet [WFBS]
Knitting holds a warm place in many people’s hearts as they fondly remember their grandmother knitting toys and clothing for them when they were children. But now, knitting is coming into its own. In Quick & Easy Knitting, learn the basics and take on projects to liven up your home and wardrobe, or create heirlooms that you can pass down through the generations. After all, it only takes a pair of needles and some yarn…
* Knitting along with sewing and crochet continues to grow in popularity in the UK, USA and Australia. * With the craft attracting children, students, young adults and the traditional older market. * It is bringing people of all ages together and is noted as more than a craft. * It creates strong social interaction among the participants. * Research has shown that it has strong wellness associations; reducing anxiety, depression, loneliness and slows dementia. * There is still a strong belief in using written reference material for learning.

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