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Australian Management Essentials


Australian Management Essentials is the most comprehensive book about management available.  This invaluable reference covers all topics essential to senior managers, front-line managers and supervisors. Hundreds of step-by-step solutions are presented in a uniquely accessible structure, along with proven leadership tactics and expert management tips.

Discover everything that the Australian manager needs to know in order to manage and lead effectively in the workplace:

  • Get the right person for the job and the person right for the job
  • Communicate effectively and manage conflict with confidence
  • Make speeches for special occasions
  • Mentor, coach and counsel employees
  • Improve your self-confidence
  • Manage your organisation more effectively
  • Maintain strong and loyal working relationships
  • Build the image you want for your company
  • Learn how to use power effectively
  • Build an organisation where people want to be
  • Become the type of boss that others can only aspire to be


One of the most comprehensive collections of hands-on management advice I have seen. The authors have gathered together, into one succinct, handy volume, an amazing wealth of management strategies, expertise, advice, and solutions… I recommend it highly. Professor Michael Vitale

Neil Flanagan, BA, B Ed St, M Ed Admin, PhD, is a highly regarded management strategist, motivational speaker and bestselling author. His drive-time radio program was syndicated nationally, and he continues to contribute articles to media in Australia.

Jarvis Finger, BA, B Ed, M Ed Admin, FACEA, FQIEA, AFAIM, is a well-known author and editor. A former executive manager in one of Australias largest public organisations, he is author of a range of management books and magazines. Together, Neil and Jarvis are the successful writing team behind the bestselling Just About Everything a Manager Needs to Know, Management in a Minute and The Managers 100.


  • Foreward
  • Preface
  • Managing Yourself
  • Managing Your Career
  • Managing Relationships
  • Communicating
  • Building Essential Skills
  • Planning
  • Staff-Related Issues
  • Managing Conflict
  • Managing Crises
  • Marketing
  • Organisation-wide Issues
  • Bestselling title presenting hundreds of step-by-step solutions to everyday management challenges and issues
  • Written for busy managers requiring immediate access to essential management know-how
  • Presented in a clear step-by-step fashion
  • Easy to read and easy to understand
  • Covers more than 300 topics

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