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Living with Hitler

Compelling recollections of Hitler's Personal Staff
This collection paints a picture of Hitler from members of his household in the unique position of being “seemingly ever-present, yet totally unconnected to events.” Compelling recollections from Hitler's Bodyguard Karl Krause (1934-39), his house administrator Herbert Döhring (1935-43) and chambermaid Anna Plaim (1941-43). From these accounts we get a deeper sense of Hitler in close proximity. These accounts massively add to our understanding of Hitler as a three dimensional character, especially from subjects like Plaim who only knew Hitler's home life, having rarely left Berghof. The authors shed light on his likes and dislikes from foods to his hobbies, creating a strange sense of humanity. This collection also provides fresh anecdotes, observations and portraits of Hitler's entourage and relatives. Plaim's images of Eva Braun came from finding torn fragments in the bin, whilst Döhring sheds light on Martin Bormann's demeanour.
Roger Moorhouse is a leading historian of Nazism and World War II. He is the author of three acclaimed booked and has made a number of television appearances, given important lectures regarding the Final Solution and is a regular commentator for the press. Karl Krause was born in 1911 and became Hitler's valet and bodyguard in 1934. He died in 2001. Herbert Döhring was born in 1913, and from 1935-1943 served as Hitler's Housekeeper. He died in 2001. Anna Plaim was born in 1920 and became a maid in Berghof in 1941.
* Three rare accounts of Hitler's domestic life from figures who were not primarily political. * Important letters, photos, and illustrations giving fuller insight into life at Berghof and Intimate details of Hitler's habits, health and behaviours. * New understanding on the people present in Hitler's household such as Eva Braun. * National PR campaign targeting Australia’s leading Military – History Magazines and Journals – physical and online. * Advertised in trade publications – InCite Magazine, Good Reading and B+P Magazine. * Mainstream Capital City newspaper book reviews and extracts.
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