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Happiness is a Cloud


Harry and his father and their dog, Jasper, spend a day together at the beach observing the ever-changing shapes of the clouds. Harry sees different shapes and gives each cloud an emotion. ‘That cloud is angry’. ‘That cloud is happy’. ‘That cloud is lonely’. He watches as the clouds slowly drift across the sky and transform. Harry shows us that emotions are like clouds. They change shape and roll by. He feels overwhelmed with a feeling and watches it change and drift out of view. Some days are wonderful, filled with sunlight, inviting us to play outside. Other days are cloudy and stormy … but the sun will always return to brighten our day!

Robert Vescio lives in Sydney and is a multi-published children’s author with titles including Barnaby and the Lost
Treasure of Bunnyville (2016, Big Sky Publishing) and Jack and Mia (Wombat Books). He has won awards for his children’s
writing, as well as being an author on the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge list. Many of his short stories have been
published in anthologies such as Packed Lunch, Short and Twisted, Charms Vol 1 and The School Magazine. Robert’s aim
is to enthuse and inspire children to read and write and leave them bursting with imaginative ideas.

Cheri Hughes was born in Japan and raised in both the U.S. and Japan. She studied design in Japan and specialises in
illustration. Cheri has illustrated a number of gorgeous, soulful picture books for Big Sky Publishing including The Forever Kid with Elizabeth Cummings and Barnaby and the Lost Treasure of Bunnyville and Ella Saw the Tree with author Robert Vescio. She now resides in Australia.

* An engaging, lyrical story about family love, pets, relationships and imagination for every child who loves to see
shapes in the clouds. 
* Designed to encourage mindfulness and an appreciation for our environment.
* An inspirational and unique way to use clouds to discuss emotions, allowing children’s feelings to be more easily
shared and discussed.
* Exceptional and captivating illustrations using mixed media.
* Provides a catalyst for learning about weather and cloud formations.

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