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Flight Attendant Ashlea

Young Ashlea has just come back from her first trip on a plane, and she’s enchanted! As she grows up, Ashlea is determined to become a flight attendant and spend her days flying through the clouds. Join her and her friends on their journey as they learn how to work safely on board an aircraft.
Based in Adelaide, Natasha is a mother of two and a first time children’s book author. Having spent 15 years in the aviation industry, she experienced first-hand the fascination that people of all ages and backgrounds have with flying. Inspiration to turn a concept, conceived over 10 years ago, into a reality came from Natasha’s very own family of mini plane-spotting enthusiasts. She hopes to showcase an industry that is loved yet underrepresented in the children’s book market, and engage children with the book's light-hearted manner and characters who are strong, reliable, conscientious, and in a spirit of comradery. Andrew McIntosh is a part time digital illustrator from Melbourne, Australia. Ever since Andrew can remember, he has had a pencil and paper on hand. He started his artistic career in the video games industry focusing on Pixel art, 3D modelling and UI design. In his spare time, Andrew paints whimsical characters and scenes which are greatly inspired by nature. Since 2015, Andrew has pursued his aspiration to illustrate children's books and hopes to write one of his own in the future.
* Rhyming and descriptive text accompanies dynamic illustrations. * Encourages readers to have career aspirations, to achieve personal dreams and to value friendship. * Shows hard work and determination can help you accomplish goals with great results.

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