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Pugsley Platypus

Pugsley Platypus has a big dream - he wants to live in the ocean! His friends warn him against his adventure, but Pugsley is determined. But when he finally reaches his goal, will living in the ocean be all Pugsley hopes it will be? A fun adventure about resilience, self-belief and finding where you belong.
Jessica Keating is a new comer to the picture book publishing world with Pugsley Platypus. As a kindergarten teacher and mother of two she has read many a story in her time. When she isn’t guzzling coffee and trying to wrangle her children she is off writing down new ideas for her next book. An avid gardener, novel enthusiast and creative sort, Jessica prefers the quite life in her home town in Queensland. From the age of seven, Caroline spent her Saturday mornings sketching with her mum. A portrait artist, she introduced Caroline to a variety of mediums and techniques that were well beyond her years. Caroline has been drawing ever since, and decided to make it her career after she had her first child. She also started a company teaching arts and crafts to children. Over the last 11 years, Caroline has sculpted as a Lifecaster and taught herself the art of resin. Watercolours are her preferred medium - its whimsical effect is a perfect fit to her delicate style of painting. These days she predominantly paints portraits, mostly pets and wildlife, raising funds for animal rescue charities. She enjoys walking her beloved greyhounds on the beach or body boarding with her sons. You can find her portfolio on Etsy, Instagram and Facebook @carolinehazellartist and her website
* Shows the importance of following your dreams. A nice twist that while goals may change too, it's the journey that counts. * Beautiful watercolour illustrations full of humour and vibrancy. * A rhyming, playful text, with repeated refrains to encourage readers to join in.

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