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Two Teddies in Tutus

Two Teddies in Tutus ... how did they come to be? Two little girls want something very special for Christmas, but they can’t decide exactly what! From the magic pen of Maggie May Gordon comes a heart-warming story all little ballerinas will love... Two Teddies in Tutus.
Maggie May Gordon was born and raised in Sydney. She commenced writing when she married and moved to a property on the western plains of NSW which she found very conducive to writing about the characters, flora and fauna of the Australian bush. An award-winning poet, her verses have been widely published and used in eisteddfod and radio presentations. Her lyrics have been performed on stage and television. Maggie is the original author & lyricist of Eureka! the Musical (Her Majesty’s, Melbourne 2004) which was nominated for Best Musical in the Robert Helpmann Awards for Australian Theatre 2005. NSW, Australia. Jelena is an illustrator born in Old Yugoslavia but grew up in Germany. Her passion for understanding the dynamics of nature led her to study physics, and work as a researcher. She recently returned to her first love of drawing and painting, fuelled by her introduction to art when she was young by a classical Serbian artist. Jelena lives with her brave, adventurous baby girl and her lovely husband in the UK, but she tends to move where the winds of life take her. Greasby, UK
* Charming tale which captures the delight of children and showsthe importance of kindness. * Will enthrall dancers and toy enthusiasts, and get you in theChristmas spirit. * Delicate artwork alongside gentle text.

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